A Day Before Examination Essay & Paragraph

Exams are a fruit that every student must taste, whether they want it or not. However, no one enjoys being examined, whether they are young or elderly, students or teachers. “Do not put me to the test,” even Jesus Christ stated. It is the result of the examination that makes the examines’ hearts throb, not the examination itself, which terrifies the student.

Read following short paragraph about the day day before examination.

Short Essay And Paragraph About The Day Before Examination

The day before an examination is fascinating because every student is enthusiastic, frightened, and uncertain, and he tries his hardest to prepare himself to the best of his ability.

My final examination was scheduled to commence the next day. I was apprehensive. I did one thing at a time and another at another. The first assignment was in English. I attempted to learn a few sentences. I became exhausted after an hour and took a half-hour break. Then I ate my meal. After that, I learned a few of the essays. It was p.m. at the time.

Now. I sat down to work after a cup of tea. It was now 21. p.m. I finished the book. I was lying in my bed. But, because I couldn’t sleep, I awoke around 4 a.m. With a book in my hand, I turned on the light and sat down in my study chair.

My mind began to race with ideas. I had the impression that the exam would be challenging at points. I used to believe it would be simple. “Why should I be concerned about the paper when I have prepared thoroughly?” I reasoned. And then I started reading.

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My older sister walked into the room and inquired as to why I hadn’t gone to bed. The following day, I had to take a test. If I did not go to sleep, she threatened me. I shouldn’t be able to perform well in the examination. So I went to bed once more.

I had a strange dream. I ended up in the examination room. The paper was really difficult, and I was unable to complete it in time for my entire sat is faction. I was sobbing uncontrollably. When I realized that the results were in and that I had passed the exams with dismal grades, I acted like a child.

On hearing my cries, my father woke up and came to my room to inquire what the matter was. I told him about my dream. He consoled me saying that I should not put faith in dreams. He assured me that I would pass the examinations with credits.


Students should not fear about the examination day. The doctors recommend to face the challenges with fresh mind. One will get best results will full self confidence.