A Good Teacher Paragraph In 100, 150 Words For Class 5, 6

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On A Good Teacher For Students

Every student has a desire to be obedient, but not everyone is lucky enough to find a good teacher. My first elementary school teacher was very bad for my age group, he was extremely strict and had an angry expression on his face all the time. At that moment, I thought teachers should be nice and helpful to children, but it wasn’t. My first elementary school teacher was a bad example to me for teaching me to respect teachers more than I should.

When I first came to university, I had no experience studying alone without someone’s guidance. The only thing I thought about was that I would never survive this nightmare. My first teacher was a research assistant, and I thought he was just going to walk me through the basics of the study. However, it was not so at all; he was very strict and unfair to me. He also gave me too much work. On the first day of class, he said I should trust him because he is my teacher and I have to do everything he says. It was completely the opposite of what the other teachers had told me before. Then I realized why some student complain about their professior.

My composition class professor was an elderly woman who loved classical music, so she introduced us to classical pieces through listening in her class. I learned a lot about classical music when there were no formal lectures, just listening to the sounds. It was very interesting for me back then because I had never heard classical music and I thought it would be boring. In her lectures, my professor kept telling us how important practice is for our instrument or our voice. Your belief in practice has helped me be more persistent with my music studies.

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Another professor I had was also strict at times, but he understood his students. He didn’t give us a lot of work; instead, he let us choose our subject for writing an essay. He wanted us to write about what interests us. If we had a different opinion than his, he would discuss the matter with us. I liked this course because it wasn’t as stressful as other courses.

He was strict but fair at the same time, which enabled me to appreciate what he taught me. In school or university, students shouldn’t keep complaining about their coach. If you have a bad teacher, try to understand where your teacher is from. I believe that every student has the right to get good grades and recognition from their teachers. A good or great teacher can change a student’s life completely.


My professors have changed my mind on various things. They taught me to be persistent with my studies and they also valued me more for what I have. Now I realize that not every teacher is bad or strict, some are even caring and kind to their students. Every student has a desire to be obedient and obedient, but not everyone is lucky enough to find a good teacher.