A Journey By Train Paragraph For 3, 4, 5 & 7 Class Students

Read both long and short paragraph about a journey by train. It’s my personal train memorial journey that I just have shared.

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Paragraph About A Memorial Journey By Train For All Class Students

Traveling by train is a great way to travel in situations where a person cannot afford a plane ticket or a road trip is not an option. I remember a time in my life when my family and I traveled a lot by train, but it wasn’t always a great experience.


My memories of trips like this are very different: a lot of fun on a day trip, a few memories of a weekend trip, and a pretty bad experience from a month-long trip. There are moments when I can still remember my train journeys in great detail. The first was the best moment of the day: getting on the train with my mother, who had a big grin on her face after a quick baggage check. I knew we were going to have a really good time and lots of memories, and I couldn’t wait to start a trip with my mom who was a great travel companion.

The station was a pretty exciting place: lots of noises, people rushing around the platform, conductors shouting something loudly, a familiar smell of a train mixed with a natural scent, and a couple of concerts coming from a loudspeaker. I sat in a window seat, watching the people and houses go by and thinking about how much fun it would be.

My mother and I had a long tradition: we always brought a first aid child with us. It was a big bag full of plasters, scented tissues, hand lotion, and a few other things. We always laughed at how much the bag weighed when we checked our luggage after a trip.

I remember a weekend train ride to a small town in the middle of upstate New York when a few minutes after departure someone got up and a conductor jumped on a train and yelled something loudly. One person stood up, a conductor ran towards it, and they almost fell to the floor as they grabbed a pole at the same time.

It was really funny because a lot of people watched them struggle with a heavy suitcase from a few seconds, a conductor stood up while a person remained surprised in the middle of a car. A few minutes later a train continued and I was the only one with a camera ready for a photo.

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I remember one night we traveled to New York on serious business. It was summer and it wasn’t too hot yet and a night train was the perfect choice for a trip. It wasn’t a long trip so I slept a few hours before leaving and I wasn’t the only one who made it – lots of people sat in a car, slept or read a book in dim light.

I remember our last train ride when my mom got a little sentimental. It was a long trip to a west coast and my mother was very fond of a landscape that passed a window. She always made up a little story about every field or lake she saw in the distance, told me who lived there, what they did there and where they went next. She said it was her last train ride and she died a few months later. Now I really like a train, although it’s a different experience than a ride with my mother.

About Swami Vivekananda

Do you have fond memories of train travel? Maybe you had a fun ride on a night train or you have a great story about a long-awaited day when your family got together a few tens of kilometers from a home?

Nowadays, a train is a pretty good option for a trip. I like how a train ride gives me the time to plan a day trip and take notes of things to do when I get home. A long journey has allowed me to read interesting books and take notes on a few places that I want to remember.


Taking a train is a pretty good option if you are a passionate traveler who is busy in a day. Traveling by train allows you to rest a little, watch a landscape go by, or meet interesting people that will make your trip even more memorable.