A Rainy Day Paragraph | Short & Long Paragraph For Students

The rain is the beautiful blessing of God. It makes every one happy and refreshed. The following short and long paragraph a rainy day is very helpful for children & students.

Short And Long Descriptive Paragraph on A Rainy Day | Value & Importance of Rainy Season

In monsoon season one can enjoy a rainy day. During rain beauty and happiness spreads everywhere.

Not only human and animals but plants also bloom merrily when it rains. paragraph about rainy day

Rain is a blessing in disguise, when it rains sufficiently it enlivens the soul but when it rains heavily it become painful. On the whole rain is a gift of god.

Rainy day holds great importance for everyone. People wait for rainy seasons impatiently. Rainy day brings heart solace to every person.

A rainy day is a cure to those people who are suffering from depressions and mental illness because they come out of their hectic and monotonous routine of life and enjoy rain.

Rainy day is mostly useful for barren lands and it also bumps up the rate of agriculture. When it rains the barren lands become fertile.

Mostly kids enjoy this day as it is their special day. This day bring pleasing weather and boost moods of kids. Kids step out and enjoys by showering in the rain, play in the rain and make paper boats.

Students enjoy rainy day by make out after the classes. Students plan gatherings during rainy day to spend time outside.

Student enjoy rain by going to the beach side, gathering at cafes, gathering at the roof tops. This day gives them relaxation that changes their moods and transforms their frame of mind.

Rainy days are the most important days for farmers as they wait whole year. Rain is quite desired for the better production of crops.

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Rain provides plenty of water which makes their crops flourish. The extra growth in the crops benefit the farmers and farmers store rainy water if they have limited sources of water.

Farmers celebrate rainy day as it bring luck and prosperity to them and help them irrigate their dry lands when there is scarcity of water in canals.

A Rainy Day Is A memorial Day

I remember last year during the month of June it rained which made me fresh and active. I had seen people who were at the mercy of God, in my neighborhood live many farmers who used to pray to God to rain so that they cultivate crops in their dry lands.

I was studying in my room at the morning time, I had been out one hour before there were no clouds on the sky but suddenly the sky was covered with heavy clouds which started pouring, there was heavy shower of rain for half an hour.

As I heard the rattling sounds of water falling on earth, I jumped out of bed and rushed out of room. It was raining heavily. I went on the roof of my house and took shower in rain.

All of my stress and anxiety was released and I got fresh. It was Sunday, there was no school so I had not to go to school.

I enjoyed whole the day long. Rain removed my tiredness and rejuvenated my body and soul. At first I asked my mom to prepare a cup of tea for me, I took tea and went out of home.

The rain lasted for two hours, for half an hour there was heavy shower which made weather very pleasant.

The high temperature of earth decreased, as during these months the scorching rays of sun increases the temperature and it become very hard to go out of room during June and July.

During these months temperature become high. But due to clouds and rain the temperature cooled and cool breeze started blowing from north which refreshed my soul and body.

I found kids playing and jumping in rain water, I too joined children and played with them.

People belonging to all ages, were very happy and excited. There was a blessed smile on their faces, they rushed to their fields.

The old people of our neighborhood gathered and started sharing memories of their past, women at homes prepared tasty, spicy pakora and sandwiches.

Youngsters went to play cricket, football and volleyball and some sat and started playing cards.


Rainy day is considered as the good day to all people. When it rains, within two days the greenery prevails all around. Everything look bright and happy.

Plants, animals and humans get a new life when it rains. The last year’s rainy day was a blessed day for me.

It is unforgettable day to me because it helped remove my tiredness, it soothed my soul and rejuvenated me.

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