A Winter Morning Walk Paragraph Writing Example For Students

Read an idea Paragraph about the likes and dislikes of a winter morning walk. This paragraph is written by a high school student Mr. Annad Kal.

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Short Paragraph On A Winter Morning Walk For Students

I hate mornings. The mornings are dark, cold, and miserable. All I ever want to do in the morning is get more sleep.

Today was different; Today my alarm clock didn’t go off – it was unplugged by my sister while I was sleeping. Annoyed by the thought, I jumped up to catch the bus. However, I quickly faced an uncomfortable dilemma – my clothes were still dirty from yesterday, so what should I wear? This is just one example of why tomorrow is not good for me.

I think most people can relate to this article because who likes to get up early in the morning? Waking up to a time when you should still be in bed is already a bad start to the day.

Winter mornings are usually quite cold. I like to get up early on winter mornings when it’s still dark outside and snuggle up in my blanket for a few minutes before I get ready for school.

My long hair is usually messy, so it takes me longer than usual to get all the tangles out. Then I turn on the radio and listen to my favorite songs.

I make sure to have breakfast in the morning even when it’s cold outside. It’s important to keep your stomach full when walking around in this weather! Finally, when I finish school, I go out into the cold with a smile. Today will be another great day! This essay is about the fact that the author doesn’t like the morning, but that it is very different in winter.


The idea of this paragraph is that the author doesn’t like wake up early, but that they are very different in winter. I think this essay would be good to read if you have trouble getting up in the morning. It might just give you a little inspiration so you don’t want to throw your alarm clock out the window the next time it goes off.