Adjective That Starts with “C” in English, Arabic, Spanish & Portuguese

Introduction: Welcome! In this vibrant corner of the blog sphere, we delve into the realm of creativity, unveiling an extensive list of 100+ captivating adjectives that kick off with the letter “C” in English, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese. Whether you’re a student seeking linguistic richness or someone with an insatiable curiosity for diverse expressions, this curated list is your linguistic playground. Easily copy and paste to enhance your writing and communication skills. Let’s embark on a linguistic journey that transcends borders and cultures.

A Plethora of Adjectives Commencing with the Letter “C”

English Arabic Spanish Portuguese
Calm هادئ Calmo Calmo
Captivating مثير للاهتمام Cautivador Cativante
Caring رعاية Cariñoso Cuidadoso
Casual عارض Informal Casual
Celebrated محتفل به Celebrado Celebrado
Celestial سماوي Celestial Celestial
Ceremonial احتفالي Ceremonial Cerimonial
Certain متأكد Cierta Certo
Challenging تحدي Desafiante Desafiador
Charismatic ساحر Carismático Carismático
Charitable خيري Caritativo Caridoso
Charmed ساحر Encantado Encantado
Chaste عفيف Casto Casto
Cheerful مفرح Alegre Alegre
Cheery بهجة Alegre Alegre
Cheesy جبناء Cursi Piegas
Chilly بارد Frío Frio
Chivalrous شهم Caballeroso Cavalheiro
Choosy الاختيار Exigente Exigente
Choppy مضطرب Revuelto Agitado
Classy أنيق Elegante Elegante
Clean نظيف Limpio Limpo
Clear واضح Claro Claro
Clever ذكي Listo Inteligente
Clinical سريري Clínico Clínico
Close قريب Cerca Perto
Cloudless بلا سحاب Despejado Sem nuvens
Clownish هزلي Payaso Palhaço
Clueless غير مدرك Desorientado Desorientado
Clumsy الكرمة Torpe Desajeitado
Coarse خشن Grueso Grosso
Coherent متسق Coherente Coerente
Cold بارد Frío Frio
Colorful ملون Colorido Colorido
Comedic فكاهي Cómico Cômico
Comfortable مريح Cómodo Confortável
Comical فكاهي Cómico Cômico
Commanding طاغية Dominante Comandante
Compassionate معطاء Compasivo Compassivo
Competent كفء Competente Competente
Complete كامل Completo Completo
Complex معقد Complejo Complexo
Confident واثق Confiado Confidente
Conscientious دقيق Consciente Consciente
Considerate عاطفي Considerado Considerado
Constant ثابت Constante Constante
Contemplative تأملي Contemplativo Contemplativo
Contemporary معاصر Contemporáneo Contemporâneo
Content راض Contento Contente
Contrary معاكس Contrario Contrário
Cooperative تعاوني Cooperativo Cooperativo
Cordial قلبي Cordial Cordial
Corny ذريع Cursi Brega
Correct صحيح Correcto Correto
Cosmetic تجميلي Cosmético Cosmético
Courageous شجاع Valiente Corajoso
Cozy دافئ Acogedor Aconchegante
Crafty حرفي Astuto Astuto
Cranky كليم Irritable Rabugento
Crass وقح Grosero Vulgar
Creative خلاق Creativo Criativo
Credible معترف به Creíble Credível
Creepy مخيف Espeluznante Arrepiante
Crestfallen مكسور Desanimado Desanimado
Criminal جنائي Criminal Criminal
Crimson قرمزي Carmesí Carmesim
Crispy مقرمش Crujiente Crocante
Crystalline بلوري Cristalino Cristalino
Cuddly لطيف Mimoso Fofo
Cultural ثقافي Cultural Cultural
Cultured مثقف Culto Culto
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Q: How can these adjectives enhance my writing?A: Incorporating varied adjectives elevates your expression, making your writing vivid and engaging.

Q: Are these adjectives suitable for different age groups?

A: Absolutely! This list caters to students and learners of all ages, fostering linguistic diversity.

Q: Can I use these adjectives in professional communication?

A: Certainly! These adjectives are versatile and can be applied in both formal and creative contexts.


In the tapestry of language, adjectives add vibrant hues. This compilation of “C” adjectives invites you to infuse your language with creativity and flair. Embrace the power of words and let your expressions shine with this linguistic treasure trove

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