Adjectives That Start With ‘B’ in English, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese.”

Step into the realm of language enrichment! This blog post is your gateway to a captivating collection of over 70 adjective words that commence with the letter ‘B’ in English, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese. Designed for students seeking to elevate their vocabulary, this list offers a diverse range of descriptors. Simply copy and paste these words to add flair to your writing or speech. Whether you’re a seasoned language enthusiast or just starting your linguistic journey, these adjectives cater to all. Let’s embark on a linguistic adventure where the beauty of expression knows no bounds.

Compilation of Descriptive Words Beginning with ‘B’

English Arabic Spanish Portuguese
Balanced متوازن Equilibrado Equilibrado
Balmy معتدل الحرارة Templado Suave
Banging رائع Increíble Incrível
Beaming مشرق Radiante Radiante
Bearable قابل للتحمل Soportable Suportável
Beatific سعيد Beatífico Beatífico
Beauteous جميل Hermoso Belo
Beautiful جميل Hermoso Lindo
Becoming لائق Apropiado Adequado
Bedazzled منبهر Deslumbrado Deslumbrado
Believable مصدق Creíble Acreditável
Beloved محبوب Amado Amado
Benefic مفيد Beneficioso Beneficente
Beneficent نافع Benéfico Benéfico
Beneficial مفيد Beneficioso Benéfico
Benevolent لطيف Benevolente Benevolente
Benign لطيف Benigno Benigno
Bespoke مفصل Hecho a medida Feito sob medida
Best أفضل Mejor Melhor
Bestselling الأكثر مبيعًا Más vendido Mais vendido
Better أفضل Mejor Melhor
Bewitching ساحر Hechizante Fascinante
Bighearted كبير القلب Generoso Generoso
Bilingual ثنائي اللغة Bilingüe Bilíngue
Binding ملزم Obligatorio Obrigatório
Biodegradable قابل للتحلل Biodegradable Biodegradável
Biodynamic بيوديناميكي Biodinámico Biodinâmico
Blameless بريء Inocente Inocente
Blazing متألق Ardiente Ardente
Blended مختلط Mezclado Misturado
Blessed مبارك Bendito Abençoado
Blinding مسطع Deslumbrante Ofuscante
Blissful سعيد Dichoso Feliz
Blockbusting ناجح جدا Exitoso Blockbusting
Blooming مزدهر Floreciente Florescente
Blossoming في تفتح En desarrollo Florescente
Blushing خجول Sonrojado Envergonhado
Bodacious جريء Audaz Ousado
Boisterous هائج Bullicioso Barulhento
Bold جريء Atrevido Ousado
Bombastic مبالغ فيه Grandilocuente Bombástico
Bonny جميل Bonito Bonito
Bonus مكافأة Bono Bônus
Booming متزايد En auge Crescente
Boundless لا حدود له Ilimitado Ilimitado
Bounteous سخي Abundante Generoso
Bountiful وفير Abundante Farto
Brave شجاع Valiente Corajoso
Breathtaking مذهل Impresionante Deslumbrante
Breezy منعش Fresco Breezy
Bright مشرق Brillante Brilhante
Bright-eyed عينيه مشرقتان De ojos brillantes De olhos brilhantes
Brilliant لامع Brillante Brilhante
Brimful مليء Lleno Cheio
Brimming متزايد Rebosante Transbordante
Broad واسع Amplio Amplo
Broadminded منفتح العقل De mente abierta De mente aberta
Brotherly أخوي Fraterno Fraterno
Bubbling فوار Burbujeante Borbulhante
Bubbly فافة Burbujeante Borbulhante
Bucolic ريفي Bucólico Bucólico
Budding ناشئ En ciernes Em desenvolvimento
Buoyant مستمر الطفو Boyante Leve
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Q: Can these adjectives be used in everyday conversations?

A: Absolutely! These words are versatile and suitable for various contexts, from casual discussions to formal writing.

Q: How can I remember and use these adjectives effectively?

A: Try incorporating them into your daily vocabulary or associating them with memorable experiences. Practice makes perfect!

Q: Are there cultural nuances in using these adjectives in different languages?

A: While the core meanings remain consistent, it’s essential to be aware of cultural contexts when using adjectives in diverse languages.


This compilation of ‘B’ adjectives serves as a treasure trove for language enthusiasts and students alike. The versatility and richness of expression within this list offer a delightful journey into the world of descriptive language. Whether you’re writing creatively or seeking to articulate thoughts more vividly, these adjectives are your linguistic companions. Embrace the beauty of language and let these words add charm to your communication.

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