Adjectives That Start With “D” in English, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese

Welcome, dear readers! In this delightful corner of our blog, we’ve curated an extensive list of over 100 captivating adjectives that commence with the splendid letter “D” in English, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese. As students navigate the diverse landscapes of language, this collection serves as a linguistic compass, facilitating creativity and expression.

Embark on a linguistic journey where words dance with diversity and meaning knows no borders. Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or just beginning your language exploration, this compilation is a treasure trove waiting to be uncovered. Simply copy and paste these words into your literary endeavors to add color, depth, and flair.

Dive into Descriptive Delights – A Kaleidoscope of Adjectives Beginning with “D”

Are you ready to delve into the enchanting world of descriptors that start with the letter “D”? Discover a myriad of words that will elevate your expression and captivate your audience. From dazzling to dynamic, this collection ensures your language palette is as diverse as your thoughts.

Write with gusto, employing these synonyms to infuse your prose with richness and nuance. Unearth the perfect word to convey your sentiments and paint vivid images with every sentence.

English Arabic Spanish Portuguese
Daffy دافي Estrafalario Maluco
Daft غبي Tonto Bobo
Dainty أنيق Elegante Delicado
Damaged متضرر Dañado Danificado
Damp رطب Húmedo Úmido
Dapper أنيق Pulcro Elegante
Daring جريء Atrevido Audacioso
Dark داكن Oscuro Escuro
Darling عزيز Querido Querido
Dashing جذاب Apuesto Elegante
Dazzling مذهل Deslumbrante Deslumbrante
Dead ميت Muerto Morto
Deafening مُصمم Ensordecedor Ensurdecedor
Dear عزيز Querido Caro
Dearest الأعزاء Queridísimo Caríssimo
Debonair أنيق Debonair Elegante
Decadent الفاخر Decadente Decadente
Decayed متحلل Descompuesto Apodrecido
Decent لائق Decente Decente
Decisive حاسم Decisivo Decisivo
Dedicated مخلص Dedicado Dedicado
Deep عميق Profundo Profundo
Defeated هزم Derrotado Derrotado
Defective معيب Defectuoso Defeituoso
Defenseless بلا دفاع Indefenso Desprotegido
Defiant تحدي Desafiante Desafiador
Deficient ناقص Deficiente Deficiente
Deformed مشوه Deformado Deformado
Degraded متدهور Degradado Degradado
Deliberate متعمد Deliberado Deliberado
Delicate رقيق Delicado Delicado
Delicious لذيذ Delicioso Delicioso
Delightful رائع Encantador Encantador
Delinquent مشاغب Delincuente Delinquente
Delirious هاج Delirante Delirante
Deluded مخدوع Iluso Iludido
Demanding متطلب Exigente Exigente
Demented مجنون Demente Demente
Democratic ديمقراطي Democrático Democrático
Dependent تابع Dependiente Dependente
Deplorable مؤسف Deplorable Deplorável
Depressed مكتئب Deprimido Deprimido
Desirable مرغوب Deseable Desejável
Determined عازم Determinado Determinado
Detrimental ضار Perjudicial Prejudicial
Devastating مدمر Devastador Devastador
Devoted مخلص Devoto Devoto
Dexterous بارع Diestro Destro
Diabolical شرير Diabólico Diabólico
Different مختلف Diferente Diferente
Difficult صعب Difícil Difícil
Dilapidated متهالك Deteriorado Deteriorado
Dim خافت Oscuro Fraco
Dimpled مقعد Con hoyuelos Com Covinhas
Dingy متسخ Mugriento Sujp
Dire فظيع Grave Difícil
Dirty قذر Sucio Sujo
Disabled معاق Discapacitado Desativado
Disagreeable غير لائق Desagradable Desagradável
Disappointed خيب Decepcionado Decepcionado
Disappointing مخيب Decepcionante Decepcionante
Discouraged ميئس Desanimado Desanimado
Discreet حذر Discreto Discreto
Disheveled مشوش Desaliñado Desalinhado
Disillusioned خيب Desilusionado Desiludido
Disjointed مفصول Desarticulado Desarticulado
Disliked مكروه Desagradable Desagradável
Disloyal غير وفي Desleal Desleal
Dismal كئيب Lúgubre Dismal
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Q: How can I effectively use these adjectives in my writing?

A: Experiment with these adjectives to add depth and specificity to your descriptions. Consider the nuances each word brings to your narrative.

Q: Are these adjectives suitable for all writing styles?

A: Absolutely! Whether you’re crafting poetry, prose, or academic papers, this list offers a diverse range of adjectives to suit various contexts.

Q: Can I use these adjectives in other languages besides English?

A: Certainly! We’ve included translations in Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese, ensuring linguistic versatility.


In the vast tapestry of language, adjectives serve as the vibrant threads weaving stories to life. As we conclude this linguistic expedition, armed with over 100 dynamic adjectives, remember that language is a living entity, ever-evolving and adapting. Embrace the power of words, and may your future writings be adorned with the richness and diversity offered by this collection.

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