What Part of Speech is Attended

The word attended can be used as part of a variety of different parts of speech. Read on to learn more about how this versatile word can be used in English grammar.

What Part of Speech is ‘Attended’?


The most common usage of the word attended is as a verb, which means to be present at or to go to an event.

For example:

  • She attended a seminar on business management yesterday.


Attended can also be used as an adjective meaning accompanied.

For example:

  • He arrived at the party with an attended guest.


In some cases, attended may be used as an adverb meaning accompanied or assisted by someone.

For example:

  • She was attended by a maid during her stay in the hotel.


Attended can also be used as a noun referring to people who are present at an event or ceremony.

For example:

  • There were many attendees at the graduation ceremony.


The word attended may also be used as a preposition meaning in the presence of someone.

For example:

  • The bride and groom were attended by their families.


Attended is a versatile word that can be used in many different parts of speech, from verb to preposition. It has a variety of meanings and can be used in various contexts when writing or speaking English. Understanding how to use this word properly will help you become a better communicator.


Q1. Is attended a verb or adverb?

A1. Attended is a verb.

Q2. What kind of verb is attended?

A2. Attended is an action verb, meaning it describes an action being done by the subject.

Q3. Is attending a verb or adjective?

A3. Attending is a verb, meaning to be present at or go to an event.

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