Descriptive Essay About Autumn Season In 150 Words

The autumn season is characterized by falling leaves, crisp air and school get-together. The beautiful colored leaves are among nature’s lovely gifts to mankind.They bring cheer to the minds of people during this gloomy season when darkness starts descending.

My Favorite Autumn Season Essay For Students

The autumn season lightens up the mood of even an unhappy soul with its brightly-hued foliage. The enchanting sight of the leaves when the wind rustles them softly is something to be experienced and not described in words.

The autumn season comes out with its magnificent display of colours such as yellow, gold, brown and red which add a special charm to man-made buildings and structures. It’s during this time that trees shed their leaves and become bare. The brown, dead leaves that are left behind give the trees a dull look and they may not always look attractive. However, once the first winter snow starts falling, these leafless trees assume an enchanting beauty which can be compared to none other. During this season there is abundance of fruits like persimmon and grapes which are available in plenty. Tourists throng to see famous autumn leaves spots around Japan.

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The autumn season is closely associated with poems, paintings and songs which enhance the charm of this season. The cherry blossom festival, chrysanthemum shows and kabuki performances are some of the interesting events that take place during autumn. Art galleries and museums become very active during this time and special exhibitions are put up for guests.

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