Causes Of Deforestation Essay In 250 Words For Students

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Essay On Causes Of Deforestation For Children And Students

Since 2000, the world has been losing around 130,000 square kilometers of forest every year. It is crucial to understand the causes of cutting down trees  because if we do not address these problems, then deforestation will continue at its current rate, which would be very detrimental to many species around the world. Understanding the causes of deforestation is crucial because if we don’t address these issues, deforestation will continue at its current pace, which would be very harmful to many species around the world.


Five Major Causes of Deforestation

1. The first major cause of deforestation is agricultural development, or the clearing of land to make way for fields, pastures, and other forms of agriculture. In developing countries like Brazil and Indonesia, large parts of the forest have been destroyed because farmers want more space for their crops. Another problem is that in some countries, such as Russia and Canada, they are clearing their forests to sell the wood for a profit.

2. Logging is the second major cause of deforestation. Many trees around the world provide their wood as a valuable resource. To take advantage of this resource, companies can cut down entire forests and sell the wood for a huge profit. This is particularly bad for countries like Mexico, which have already lost a large part of their forests and are heavily dependent on logging to feed themselves economically.

3. One reason for the ongoing deforestation is that many people believe that when trees are felled, they go unnoticed. It takes about 40-50 years for the Amazon rainforest to produce new growth. After deforestation, it is very difficult to grow a new forest in this area, as only certain types of vegetation grow in an area without trees; however, most farmers do not realize this when they cut down.

4. Another problem is that many people who are aware of the long-term effects of deforestation are unable to make an impact. There are some international organizations like “Greenpeace” that fight for environmental protection; However, these groups cannot be found in every country that practices deforestation.

5. Deforestation is a problem that rapidly affects all countries across the world, especially in the most populated countries like India, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Pakistan. Each country must do its part to prevent it from continuing. Fortunately, some steps can be taken now to prevent deforestation from continuing at its current pace.


Deforestation is a serious problem that requires immediate attention to ensure that future generations can see the same natural beauty as we do today.

In developing countries like Russia and Brazil, economic development through less destructive methods such as recycling and using renewable resources can be the key to preserving their forests for future generations.

More prosperous countries like Canada and the United States need tougher conservation laws that protect large areas of the forest to prevent deforestation from continuing at its current pace.