Paragraph About Democracy In 100 To 150 Words

This essay seeks to answer this question by providing a basic introduction to the democratic system, exploring what it is and how it works.

Short Paragraph On Democracy

First of all, democracy can be defined as a form of government in which citizens have some say over who holds positions of power and how those positions are used. In a democratic country, citizens vote for candidates from various political parties, whose campaign promises they think will best serve their needs. This is very different from dictatorships or monarchies where leaders become heads of state simply because they were born into that position or their family has held it for generations.

In a democracy, however, not everyone gets to vote on every major decision; one person’s opinion does not count more another’s simply because he or she is older wiser, more educated or wealthier. Instead, voting is conducted on a majority-rule basis. In other words, if 51 percent of voters say “yes” to a proposal then it should be deemed approved. In this way each citizen has an equal voice in making decisions that affect the direction of their country and no one person’s opinion carries more weight simply because he or she is in a leadership position.

Democracy comes from two Greek words: demos meaning “the people,” and kratein meaning “to rule.” The basic idea was that all members of society had a right to participate in government, that no matter how wealthy or poor, educated or illiterate they were, all citizens have equal rights when it comes to making decisions that their Because this form of government is based on the idea that all men and women are created equal, it is also sometimes called a “representative democracy,” which means a system in which elected officials represent the wishes of their constituents.

Defining democracy can be difficult because there really is no such thing as an actual democracy. Even America, one of the most-famous democratic countries, is filled with checks and balances designed to prevent any group from having complete control over the country’s direction. In other words, Congress has oversight power over many actions taken by the president while state governments have powers that neither the federal nor local governments can override. This kind of division between levels of government occurs in all democracies because each level wants to area of control.

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Even though democracy is not an actual form of government, it has become the model for most governments around the world. People in democratic countries enjoy certain rights that citizens in dictatorships or monarchies do not have, for example, they can freely express themselves without fear of punishment so long as what they say does not threaten public safety. They are allowed to practice any religion they choose and to raise their children with those beliefs intact. They are able to organize protests and demonstrations against their government if they feel it is doing something wrong or unfair. And while many democracies allow people these freedoms, the truth is that no country on earth gives all its citizens equal rights on every level; women still struggle for equal treatment protect its own government.


In conclusion, democracy is a system of government in which citizens have some say over who holds positions of power and how those positions are used. While no legal democratic countries actually exist, many countries throughout the world use the democratic system to allow their people rights that most other nations do not offer.

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