Down with Fever Message – Writing a Professional Leave Request

When you’re feeling unwell and need a day off work, writing a ‘down with fever’ message to your employer is an important step towards taking care of your health without compromising your professional responsibilities. This message, typically sent via email, should succinctly communicate your situation and your need for a sick leave.

Crafting a ‘Down with Fever’ Message: What to Include?

A ‘down with fever’ message should be concise, respectful, and clear. It should include essential information such as the nature of your illness, the estimated duration of your leave, and any necessary arrangements for your workload during your absence.

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Here are a few tips to help you craft a professional ‘down with fever’ message:

  1. Begin with a formal salutation.
  2. Clearly state the purpose of your email.
  3. Disclose your illness (fever) as the reason for your leave.
  4. Indicate the expected duration of your leave.
  5. Discuss workload management during your absence.
  6. Use a professional and respectful tone throughout the message.

Examples of ‘Down With Fever’ Messages

  1. Short-Term Fever Notice:

“Dear [Manager’s Name], I’m writing to inform you that I’ve come down with a fever and won’t be able to work today. I’ve assigned my immediate tasks to [colleague’s name] for today. Thank you for understanding.”

  1. Extended Fever Leave:

“Dear [Supervisor’s Name], Unfortunately, my doctor has diagnosed me with a high fever that requires a few days of rest. I expect to return to work on [end date]. [Colleague’s name] will oversee my tasks during my absence.”

  1. Fever with Additional Symptoms:

“Dear [Manager’s Name], I am currently down with a fever and additional symptoms that require medical attention. I anticipate being out of office for [number of days]. [Colleague’s name] has agreed to cover my responsibilities during this period.”

  1. Work from Home due to Fever:

“Dear [Manager’s Name], I’ve developed a slight fever and, while I am capable of working, I believe it’s best for me to work from home to prevent spreading any possible infection. I’ll continue with my tasks as planned.”

  1. Fever due to Contagious Illness:

“Dear [Supervisor’s Name], I’ve been diagnosed with a fever resulting from [contagious illness]. To ensure the health and safety of the team, I will be working from home until my recovery is complete.”

FAQs on Crafting a ‘Down with Fever’ Message

1. How detailed should my ‘down with fever’ message be?

Your message should be concise, providing necessary information without extensive personal details.

2. Can I work from home if I’m down with a fever?

This depends on your role and company policy. It’s best to discuss this with your manager.

3. Should I inform my colleagues when I’m down with a fever?

Generally, informing your immediate supervisor or manager is sufficient. They can decide on further communications.


Writing a professional and concise ‘down with fever’ message is an essential skill when requesting sick leave. Remember to provide necessary information regarding your situation and your plans for managing your workload during your absence. The examples provided here cover a variety of scenarios, serving as a useful guide for crafting your message.

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