Empathy Paragraph In English For Students

For children and students’ study and exam preparation, short and long paragraphs about empathy are given below.

By reading the following paragraph, students can find answers to their queries like, “What is empathy?” What is a good example of empathy? And will they know about empathy sentences?

Short & Long Paragraph On Sympathy For Children

Empathy is the ability to comprehend and share another’s emotions. When you see someone distressed or crying, just because you can observe that person’s feelings, you automatically get unhappy.

This also applies to your pets! You have perhaps noticed that when one pet starts barking or meowing in one house, so do all the other pets. It’s her way of attempting to help her friends feel good by showing empathy.

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Empathy is not something people are born with; it’s something they learn from watching others around them is sympathetic.

Ultimately, as kids grow up, they find out what empathy is and how it works. They begin to realize, if they don’t empathize with others empathize their attitude affects others. For example, you may know what it feels like when someone is mean to you.

You can try to ignore them or try to fight back, but none of these alternatives is very helpful in preventing the person from being rude. If you learn early on that fighting back is causing more crises, then empathy will finally motivate you to be kind rather than cruel so that you don’t have drama in your life.

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Empathy can be a complicated thing because different people have different feelings about what constitutes empathy. What is empathic to one person may not be seen as empathic by another.

For example, some people are willing to donate money or food to charity, while others only volunteer their time to charities. Both show empathy, but because one person is generous and the other is patient, the two types of people would experience what is considered empathy differently.

Empathy is a very important part of daily life as it helps you understand how you interact with others and makes your relationships smoother. Fortunately, it can be learned at any age and usually starts in childhood before we even notice it.


Well, that’s what I call an article written by someone who has empathy for their readers. Wait, no, that’s not right. This must have been written by someone with empathy for their readers (as inappropriate as such empathy maybe).