Essay on Importance Of Forest In 100 to 200 Words

Forests are critical to the provision of many essential goods and services for human life, as well as to the health of nature. In this essay, I will explore how forests provide a service for human beings and what the impact would be if they were to be lost.

Importance Of Forest Essay writing Example


Forest is an important part of our Eco-system. It provides a habitat for many creatures, helps to recycle the environment, stores carbon dioxide and other gases, and filters water. Forest also has the ability to improve air quality. Forest can help save energy by absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and slowing global warming.

Forest can also help preserve water resources.

Forest are also important in preventing soil erosion. Erosion is when soil is lost from the earth’s surface, a process that can lead to a loss of valuable land and water resources. Forest can help slow erosion by capturing and storing rainwater, removing excess surface runoff, providing shade, and moderating temperature extremes.

Forest can provide jobs for people who live in or near the forest, as well as products that we use every day such as paper, lumber, and furniture. In addition, forest play an important role in regulating climate through their ability to store carbon dioxide.

For all these reasons, forest should be considered an important part of our ecology.”

Importance of forest for our lives

Forest is an important part of our lives. Forest not only provides us with clean air and water, but it also plays a vital role in regulating climate. The trees and other plants in forests absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to reduce global warming.

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Forests also play a significant role in supplying food and medicine. Plantains, for example, are grown in the Amazon rainforest because the trees provide a platform for breeding mosquitoes that can’t fly above the canopy. These mosquitoes then feed on humans, transmitting diseases like malaria and dengue. Medicinal plants also grow in forests, such as those used to treat cancer and heart disease.

The world’s forests provide many people with their daily needs such as food, water, air purification and climate regulation. These benefits are essential not only for us as individuals but for the entire planet as well. We need forests to stay healthy and sustainable so that we can all continue to live sustainably together on this planet.


Forest is an important resource for both humans and animals. From providing us with wood to build homes and furniture, to providing food and shelter to animals, forests play a vital role in our everyday lives. In fact, it’s estimated that over one third of the world’s population relies on forests for their livelihood.

Forests are not only essential for human survival; they also provide vital ecosystems that support plant life as well as many different animal species. Not only do forests provide natural resources like timber, but they also play a significant role in climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. By preserving forest lands, we can help keep our planet healthy while safeguarding the livelihoods of millions of people around the world.

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