5 Paragraphs Essay About Sports & Its Importance In Our Lives

Short and long 500+ words essay on sports in English for Students is given below with latest information and importance of sports in our life.

Introduction About Sports:

Sports are very essential for physical and mental well-being of an individual. It is a great way for a person to get active and focused in life. In modern age, sports and games are a profession now. The players of various countries participate in sports in World competitions and if they win, they earn medal for their country. Sports are suitable for every age group but most crucial for the children when their skills are surfacing.

Essay On Importance Of Sports And Games

1. Importance Of Sports In Our Life

Sports play a very unique role in our life. All day work and no play makes a person dull. If we look at history and biography of famous people, we will find that they were not book worms or someone who is always working, they always took part in extracurricular activities to improve their mental skills. Sports are important to keep mind healthy and peaceful.

Participation in sports is extremely important and it should be encouraged more especially in children and young people to develop good habits.

If we do not do sports then our bodies will become weak and lose strength. We will get tired even after a small walk. Therefore, one should always take time off from work and spend some time on physical activities because they are very important to keep a man healthy and active.

Short Essay on sports and games

2. Benefits Of Sports

1. Reduced Risk Of Diseases: People who are more into sports and physical activities reduce their risk of developing any heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. Sports improve breathing quality of a person by strengthening his lungs and this results in increased lung capacity. That is why all athletes have better stamina and strong muscle build up.

2. Fun: Sports is fun, There is a variety of sports available to choose a form of exercise that is enjoyable. Our minds are cheerful when we take part in sports.

3. Physical Fitness: Taking part in sports reduces body fat and increases muscle mass. Therefore, it is very important for young people to indulge themselves more into sports and games. It improves our muscular strength and endurance which results in stronger muscles.

4. Enhanced Social Life: Sports improves self-esteem. It improves the social life of an individual and builds self-confidence. It could be a way to make best friends and expand social circle.

5. Sharp Memory: Sports sharpens mind and improves mental capabilities of an individual. It helps to improve focus and memory retention. That is why children who play sports each day perform better in the classroom. They are less distracted and understand information more quickly.

6. Moral Values: Sports teaches morals and values to an individual. It teaches them sportsmanship and respect for the opposition. It teaches a person that how one should deal with life problems calmly.

7. Stress Free Life: A person who takes part in sports on daily basis does not get negative thoughts or any kind of stress. Sports reduces stress hormones level and ensures peace of mind.

3. Conclusion

It is very important to make sports mandatory in schools. A person who is more into sports will have more stamina as compared to the person who does not take part in sports. Sports are vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid health problems. It is a great way to understand how hard works pays off. Also, it will develop never-give-up attitude in a child that will help him to succeed in all walks of life.