600 Words Short Reflective Essay On True Friendship In English

True friendship and its value, importance, you can in this essay. We have tried our best to make this an understandable Paragraph with examples for all class students.

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True Friendship Essay For All Class Students And Children

Tru Friendship is a great blessing in life. True friendship is pure and selfless because friends are willing to go through all kinds of difficulties just to help one another. It’s something to appreciate as true friends are hard to find these days.


One day, while walking with my best friend in the scorching summer heat,

we saw a figure lying on the floor. I thought he was dead because he looked like he couldn’t move or do anything.

As I got closer to him, I could see that it wasn’t a corpse, but an unconscious man. Since my house was nearby, I took him there and gave him cold water to drink. I then took him to my room where he rested on my bed.

This man was a stranger and yet he felt so familiar. He seemed to have the same temperament as me and we even had the same haircut! To me, this man looked like a long-lost brother or an old friend I didn’t even know.

After two days in my room, the man finally woke up and told me his name: Frank. I was surprised because that’s what I called my best friend! And then it occurred to me that since this man looked like my best friend, he must be his twin brother, with whom we long lost touch.

When I watched Frank closely, he looked very much like my best friend! He enjoyed playing video games and even ate the same food as my best friend. It felt like he never left us while we were still in contact with him.

Although they looked so much alike, there was something about Frank that set him apart from my best friend: his mysterious past. In the letter Frank gave me, he told me how he and his brother were separated after their parents died in a traffic accident. He said that our best friend was adopted by a foster family and has lived there ever since.

After reading about Frank’s situation, I wanted to do something to help him find his twin brother. I decided to give him all of my best friend’s pictures in the hopes that he could learn something about his twin.

Frank used these pictures to find out where our best friend was. He said goodbye to me and told me that he would tell us about his whole ordeal when he comes back. The way he talked sounded like he would never come back, but I didn’t want to believe it.

My best friend and I waited longingly for Frank to return at the doorstep of our house. After a few days, Frank came back with an Asian man who he said was his twin brother! At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes because this man didn’t look like us! However, our best friend wasn’t that surprised because he said that Frank often spoke about his twin brother who was adopted by a family in the Philippines.


My best friend and I were 18 at the time, but we never thought of searching for each other’s family on social media. We always believe that it would be better to meet face to face because we would never know what might happen along the way.

After so many years of separation, the three of us finally had a family reunion. Now that I have found my lost brother and best friend, I feel like my life has been fulfilled. It’s like I’m complete now!