Value & Importance Of Exercise Paragraph In 100 To 500 Words

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Read A Brief Paragraph On Exercise Regularly Stay Healthy For Students

Exercises are activities that involve physical exercise. They are essential for people of all ages to maintain their health, both in and out of the classroom.

To begin with, children under the age of five must exercise to develop motor skills that enable them to walk, run, swim, or otherwise move efficiently. Almost without exception, they do this type of game themselves, without the need for adult coaching.

It is only when children start school at the age of five or six that they are more likely to stop participating in free play exercises and instead concentrate primarily on games such as jumping or skipping rope in the playground.

However, it’s important to move beyond gambling. Some ways that young students can start exercising are running in the garden, doing pushups or crunches, playing catch or other fishing games, riding bikes, or just going to school instead of being driven.

As children get older, they need to do more strenuous exercises because their muscles get stronger and they get bigger. At home, students can play sports such as soccer with friends or family members.

You could also cycle for an hour each day. If it is not possible to go outside, students can go up and down stairs in their home several times a day. By the time students reach puberty, they should exercise at least thirty minutes each day – more if they want strong bones and muscle tone. One way to achieve this goal is to do ten pushups and twenty crunches each morning before getting dressed for school.

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Training doesn’t have to stop when students are adults. Adults also need exercise, both for their health and because they can’t afford to stay home and play video games all day.

Most adults understand this fact of life, but sadly, exercise still doesn’t make it a top priority in their daily routine, even though it should come before breakfast or brushing your teeth.

There are many exercises older people can do, including walking around the park every morning, mowing the lawn with a push mower instead of driving one, jogging or cycling for miles on local roads, doing yoga stretches, if you have five minutes to spare, and walk up and down the stairs in your house several times a day.

For all age groups, children and adults alike, exercise is extremely important for their health. Adults should plan one day per week to prioritize work over work or other activities when necessary.


Children have to exercise almost every day to stay healthy and strong because their bones and muscles are growing so quickly! You should also be encouraged by parents and teachers (in school) to do this as often as possible, especially during the breaks between classes for younger students.

The only way to live a long life is through good eating habits and plenty of exercise throughout our adult lives.