Food Adulteration Paragraph For HSC Students In 250 Words

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Short Paragraph On Food Adulteration For Children

Food adulteration refers to the process of improperly mixing, diluting, or varying the ingredients of food to render them substandard.

It is a criminal offence under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act of 1954. Adulterous means any substance added to food to make it harmful or toxic, or to increase its bulk by reducing the quality or strength of the food. Therefore, any ingredient that is added to foods with no human benefit or added value is an adulterant.


Food adulteration has been a widespread phenomenon in India and Bangladesh since ancient times, and the habit of adulterating food is still prevalent today.

To protect the health of people who consume food, the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act was passed in 1954 by the Indian Government, which prohibits the commission of certain acts or crimes by persons who adulterate food.

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The law provides penalties for offences such as adulteration of foodstuffs, sale of harmful food or drinks that may harm people or animals, sale of food or drink that is unfit for human consumption, sale of non-harmless colors, and dishonest selling of counterfeit food and beverages. Several provisions of the law are intended to ensure that items intended for human consumption are pure and unadulterated. For different foods, different standards of Article 22 apply.


Since fruits and vegetables belong to the category of products eaten raw, they must be free of toxic substances. They must not contain pesticide residues over the maximum permitted levels.