Green House Effects Paragraph (500) Words

Sample 500 words paragraph about green house Effects.

Paragraph on Green House Effects:

Green house effects refers to the manner in which heat from the sun is allowed to enter or leave a planet. The phenomenon occurs when certain gases in a planet’s atmosphere allow short wave radiation from the sun to pass into that planet, but block longer wave radiation from its surface from escaping into outer space.

A greenhouse gas is one type of molecule that has this property. It is because of these gases that Earth retains most of its warmth and does not freeze completely during wintertime. In addition, without green house effect many life forms would not be able to exist on earth since it enables the existence of carbon dioxide in our environment which helps plants grow thus producing oxygen for us to breathe. However overloading of this gas in our atmosphere is responsible for global warming. The gas blocks heat rays from the Earth , which causes temperature of the earth to rise. This phenomenon has devastating effects on our planet

What Cause green house Effects?

Green house effects mainly occurs due to presence of certain gases in earth’s atmosphere, particularly carbon dioxide gas which is needed for photosynthesis. This prevents the heat rays from leaving the planet and thus heating up of earth takes place.

The most common greenhouse gases are water vapour, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Ozone etc.

What Are The Effects Of Green House?

Its overheating effect on our environment is a cause of concern as it causes global warming.

There are other effects as well that will be discussed later .

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How Is Green House Effect Linked To Global Warming?

When there is an excess of green house gases present in our atmosphere due to constant emission of residuals , this results in rising of earth’s temperature and thus warming up of its surface. This rising of temperature is termed as global warming.

How Is Green House Effect Linked To Ozone Depletion?

Ozone is a type of gas that blocks short wave radiation from entering our planet, but doesn’t block long wave radiation from leaving it. It plays the role of an atmospheric shield for us from harmful radiations from space such as ultraviolet radiations which may cause skin cancer among other things. When it depletes, more heat gets in thus causing increase in temperatures on earth’s surface.

The main green house gases are water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane and ozone. Green house effect is the result of these gases trapping the heat from the sun in Earth’s atmosphere and causing global warming. The most severe effect of this is the hole in ozone layer which increases UV radiation levels that can cause skin cancer and other health risks.


In conclusion, green house effects are a natural occurrence that helps to keep Earth’s climate warm. However, when there is an excess of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere due to human activities, it results in global warming – a rise in temperatures on Earth’s surface. This has harmful consequences for our environment and human health.

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