Hard Work Is The Key To Success Paragraph In 100 Words

Read the Following paragraph and know how hard work is the key to success with examples in English for class 10 students.

Paragraph On Hard Work Is The Key Of Success For Class 100

Hard work is the key to success. Success can be achieved in different ways, but always requires a lot of effort and determination. Many people have high moral values ​​and easily get their desired job. But some people get low-quality jobs so they have to fight very hard to get good jobs where they can use their skills or abilities in any type of work or activity that involves certain skills or actions.

Career for everyone begins with studying, not every student has the same chances of education because some students do not want to study, while other students are shy of the teacher when they ask difficult questions in class. Therefore, when we talk about success, not everyone can achieve their goal.


Some successful students try to always task very hard at home while studying. These students do not take any task as a joke because they know that jokes are for entertainment only, not study. Therefore, do not waste your time on useless activities. They spend their precious time playing with friends or doing other physical activities that will help them develop various skills and abilities to achieve their goals within a limited period. It can also be possible when a person has good moral values ​​and respects others around them.

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Hard work helps us prepare for our work. The more we work, the more knowledge we will have and this encourages us to work hard, so after all, hard work is the key to success


The key to success is hard work. Everyone cannot achieve their goal because it depends on how seriously you take success. Sometimes people get high-quality jobs with little effort, but sometimes people get low-quality jobs after a lot of effort. It all depends on how much an individual values ​​education, moral values, and respect for others.

Tough time can help you achieve your goals in a limited amount of time if a person has the good skills or abilities necessary to do a specific task or job. It also depends on other factors, including moral values ​​and respect for others.