Importance Of Communication Skill Paragraph For Students

Read here best an informative paragraph about communication, it’s value and importance in human life. Know how communication skills, technology in necessary for processing and development of a country.

Read below short and long paragraph on the topic Communication. These paragraphs are written for all class students.

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Brief Paragraph On Communication System, Devices And Their Importance In Our Life

What is Communication?
Communication is the process of sending and receiving information between two or more people through technology. When we communicate, we use words, gestures, facial expressions, and other signs to convey meaning from one person to another.

If you think about it for a moment, you will find that every time you talk to someone else, your mind automatically goes through all sorts of mental processes: understanding what the other person is talking about; Organize your own thoughts and feelings before speaking; choose the right words; make sure others can hear and understand you; interpret their reaction to what you say, everything happens in seconds as if by magic.

In many ways, effective communication helps us complete important tasks, such as getting around at work or school, making true friends, learning new skills, teaching others, and even leading our relationships for the happiest life possible.

What is effective communication?

Effective communication refers to the fact that spoken or written words are understood by other people as you intended them to be. It therefore requires clear thinking about what you want to say before you open your mouth or start typing. You cannot communicate clearly if you are unsure of what you are trying to convey. Similarly, they cannot communicate effectively with each other unless there is no misunderstanding between two speakers. Since many factors influence whether or not people understand each other, including age, culture, emotional state, individual personalities, and habits, truly effective communication can sometimes be a challenge for even the most patient people.

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Top Ten Importance Of Communication?

Top 10 importance of communication are as follow:
1. It reduces your tension and makes you feel good and relax.
2. The information via communication channels provides us with current market information.
3. Effective communication reduces the cost of errors, can save time and money if we clearly understand the needs and expectations of an individual or group, and manage time and resources efficiently.
4. Effective communication is key to building stronger relationships at work, at home, with friends, neighbors, communities, etc., which in turn helps promote order within society; this helps to solve problems together; thereby reducing crime rates (e.g. anger in traffic).
5 . Effective communication empowers the weaker sections of society and enables them to speak out against injustice.
6. It allows you to monitor your progress and take corrective action if necessary. Communication gives feedback on how others perceive your behavior.
7. It helps overcome regional barriers with ease by understanding local cultures, customs and social norms.
8 . Effective communication helps build long-term relationships with suppliers, customers, colleagues, etc. that help an organization work effectively.
9 . Effective communication helps increase productivity when each individual is clear about what to do or not to do, which leads to better focus on work.
10. Analyzing factual information helps managers make decisions that can lead to better or worse performance of an organization.


In conclusion, communication is a very important part of our lives, so being able to communicate effectively is very beneficial.
Clear thinking and understanding are the keys to effective communication. After all, it takes practice and patience to be an effective communicator.