Importance Of Prayers Essay In 200 Words For All Grade Students

Read below a short and purposeful essay on the topic of the importance of prayers for children and students.

This essay will provide information to children about prayers, their meaning, benefits, and importance in our daily lives.

Short Essay On Prayers  & Its Importance In Students Life For Kids

Many religions have a prayer practice in which a higher being is asked to take care of the person praying. Prayer is a way that people thank God for his love and protection and show their appreciation. Scientists have divided the prayer into two forms: supplications and non-supplications. In supplication, you ask God or another divine entity to answer your prayers. Non-Mittal prayer is when you give thanks and praise for what you have done or received, such as saying “Thank God for a meal” or “praising God for caring for a loved one who is sick.”

about importance of prayers essay

Most religions agree that petitionary prayer works in three ways:

1. The first way is when the person prays, he asks God for his help and gets it.

2. The second way is when someone prays and believes they will get an answer but doesn’t end up getting what they asked for. Nevertheless, the person still feels something has been preserved because their faith in God has been strengthened (Koenig). This type of prayer gives the person hope and makes them feel closer to God.

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3. The third way is when a person prays but doesn’t get what they asked for because it wasn’t in God’s plan or shouldn’t have happened yet. In this case, the person must trust that the answer they will get from their prayer will be perfect and hope that it will happen when it is in God’s plan.

Most religions also agree that non-bitter prayer has many benefits, such as making the person feel closer to God. It can help relieve stress by focusing on something other than what may be bothering you. Petitioned prayer also helps make your body healthier by lowering your blood pressure, making you feel better physically and mentally, and relieving pain.


Prayer is widespread around the world. Many studies show that prayer helps people in life and makes them happier and healthier (Koenig). Many religions emphasize the importance of prayer and how it can be a personal connection with God.