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Paragraph On Importance Of Trees In English For Children

“Trees are important for our survival and provide us with the essentials for life, air and water. Without trees, people on this planet could not exist.”

Paragraph on importance of trees in our life

Trees are members of the plant kingdom that for the most part have adapted to grow in areas where sunlight is available. They are found all over the world, except in regions covered by ice caps. There are different types of trees that grow in different climates, some thrive better in rain forest regions while others can only survive in deserts.

In Environment

The leaves of trees serve as the primary photosynthetic organ that enables plants to absorb energy from sunlight and produce food. Through this process trees can grow and produce oxygen, which is essential for humans and animals. Most trees also provide shelter, and their wood is used to make houses, furniture, paper, and other products that we use on a daily basis. They help prevent soil erosion by preventing rain from hitting the ground directly and help conserve water so supplies last longer.

In regions affected by deforestation, soil erosion is a serious problem, as it was in Haiti after Hurricane Sandy. Trees also help increase the biodiversity of animals and plants by providing them with food and shelter. In fact, several endangered plant and animal species rely on trees for survival. Without trees, people on this planet could not exist.

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In Our Life

1. In order to save our precious natural resources from being depleted by deforestation, it is necessary to conserve energy and recycle as much as possible. In addition, lower energy consumption leads to less land pollution which is one of the reasons trees are so important.

2. Trees provide shade to keep cities cool and provide a home for wildlife. They can be found in national parks around the world and are planted along the streets of the city to provide a place for residents to rest or have a picnic. Trees also help add value to a home in terms of looks and market value.

3. In addition, trees are used to generate oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Unfortunately, some countries have been destroying forests at an alarming rate, cutting thousands of acres of trees each year. In addition, deforestation has been linked to global warming, which is also caused by carbon dioxide.


To prevent further deforestation and other negative effects of cutting large areas of trees, people need to plant more new trees to replace them. In addition, recycling paper products will reduce the need for pulp and prevent deforestation, while saving energy through less electricity.