Knowledge Is Power Paragraph Writing Example For Students

Knowledge is the power of education. One who is completely educated means he is a powerful person. Here we have provided five different, short (100–500 word) paragraphs on the topic of knowledge is power.

These paragraphs provide information about knowledge. I hope you find these paragraphs very useful for exercise and assignments.

5 Short & Long Paragraphs On Knowledge Is Power

1. Power Of Knowledge

Knowledge is power because it provides us with a sense of self-confidence and strong security. Without the knowledge, we might feel lost in this huge world, trying to find our value and identity. When one who knows something, has a frame of reference that helps him become aware of who he is and what type of role he can play in society. Furthermore, knowledge helps us recognize our limitations and what we do not yet understand in this world. Knowing who we are and how much more there is to learn makes us feel humble because that inadequacy prevents us from thinking that we know everything there is to know about life. Knowledge also enables us the power to make informed decisions in life by selecting the good options for ourselves and our loved ones.

The Knowledge is A Great Power

Knowledge is power because it allows us to have a better and quick understanding of why we are here on this earth. Knowledge provides a good scene for contributing more meaningfully to society. If we study the past we will know that people had depended only on their traditions and customs for guidance in life. They were hesitant that, if they deviated from these customs, they would be punished. With the help of advanced science and technology, people of the modern age have a better understanding of life. We can now go beyond what we learn from tradition and custom to ask deeper questions about life?. All correct answers are provided by new theories in philosophy, psychology, biology, chemistry, astronomy, etc.

3. Knowledge Can Change Our lives

Knowledge is power because it gives us the compete for the ability to change our lives. If we have a better knowledge of what is good for our bodies, minds, and souls, then we can apply this knowledge to make actual changes in our lives. For example, if one knows from his experience that, smoking cigarettes makes him feel sick, then he can avoid inhaling those harmful toxins into his body by giving up smoking.

4. Knowledge Improve Our Lifestyle

Knowledge is power because it provides us an opportunity to improve our lifestyle. When we have lack knowledge, we can not even know what is required for us to be happy and successful in life. If we know that having a good career that we like and making enough property to support ourselves can lead to happiness in life, then we have the power to acquire those goals. With proper knowledge that respecting our bodies, minds, and souls is essential to living a good happy life, then we have the power to change ourselves into the best people.

5. Knowledge Can Make Our Future Great

Knowledge is power because it gives us hope for the best future. As long as there are still some unanswered questions about life, there will always be hope for improvement in this world. If we do not value knowledge and keep an open mind about learning new things, of course, there will be no progress in the state. With the absence of knowledge, people will still seek comfort in both tradition and custom without ever knowing what else might be out there to benefit them.? Knowledge is therefore very important because it helps us to improve our lives even further than we could imagine. Nothing is impossible when you have good knowledge.


in conclusion, knowledge is power because it is the only way to improve our lives, knowledge gives us an understanding of the aim and purpose of living, and provides us with the reason for having hope in the future.