Laughter Is The Best Medicine Paragraph In 100 – 150, 200 Words

How Laugher is a good medicine? an example paragraph on topic is given below for all 4, 5, 6 class students.

In this laughter is a good medicine Paragraph children will learn how laughing is important for our health.

Short 250 Words Paragraph On Laugher Is A Good Medicine

Have you ever wondered why people are laughing? What is the physical basis of laughter? Various theories have been suggested to explain laughter, but there are some things about laughter that remain a mystery.

Paragraph about laughter is the best medicine

Scientists are still trying to understand what triggers this sometimes contagious response. It seems that humor can be beneficial to your health by causing many positive psychological and physiological changes. When we are happy, our hearts are more efficient at pumping blood around our bodies and sending oxygen to our tissues. As a result, laughter has also been found to reduce stress levels and induce sleep better than most sleeping pills on the market. Laughter can also lower the levels of anxiety-inducing hormones such as cortisol in your body.

People who laugh more often also have healthier immune systems. For example, they produce more antibody immunoglobulin A, which is an important part of our arsenal against invading infectious agents that cause colds and other common infections. Laughter also seems to have positive social effects as it releases endorphins in the brain that help us feel good about ourselves and others around us. But after laughing for 10 minutes, you get tired, so you shouldn’t be doing this all the time.

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Research has shown that when a person laughs, there is a very high chance that people around them will laugh too. This may be due to neurons called mirror neurons in your brain that both fire when you do something and when you see someone else do the same. In other words, just as some people can catch colds, they can catch your laugh too. In fact, a group of schoolchildren started laughing together spontaneously after watching a humorous video clip from the popular TV show Friends!


In short, when we look at all of these benefits of laughter, it is clear that laughter is indeed the best medicine for the mind and body.

Laughter is contagious People who laugh have healthier immune systems Laughter makes us feel good Laughing reduces stress Good for mental health Healthy heart Better sleep General well-being.