Expand Maternity Leave – What To Do And How To Make The Most Of It

Maternity leave is an essential period that allows expectant mothers to focus on their health and well-being, and the care of their newborn child. This period, often coupled with a mix of emotions—excitement, anxiety, joy, and sometimes confusion—provides a unique opportunity to explore new activities, develop skills, and create lasting memories with your baby. But the question often arises: “What to do on maternity leave?”

Maximizing Your Maternity Leave: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding what to do on maternity leave hinges on identifying personal goals, managing time effectively, and ensuring optimal care for your newborn. This period can be leveraged for personal development, family bonding, and preparing for the transition back to work.

class=”text-body font-regular text-gray-800 leading-[24px] pt-[9px] pb-[2px]” dir=”ltr”>Sample Maternity Leave Activity Plan Letter

Dear [Supervisor’s Name],

As I prepare for my maternity leave, I have developed an activity plan to utilize this period effectively. This includes engaging in prenatal yoga, attending parenting classes, and setting up a nurturing environment for my baby at home.

I will also use this time for personal growth, including reading, learning a new language, and focusing on mental health through mindfulness exercises.

My plan provides a balanced approach, ensuring my well-being and that of my newborn while preparing for my return to work. I will keep you updated on my progress and am open to any suggestions or insights you may have.

Thank you for your continuous support.


[Your Name]

FAQs on What to Do During Maternity Leave

1. Can I pursue a course or learn a new skill during maternity leave?

Absolutely. Maternity leave provides an excellent opportunity for self-development. Online courses, reading, or even learning a new language or hobby can be integrated into your maternity leave plan.

2. How do I balance caring for my baby and personal activities during maternity leave?

Balancing care for your newborn and personal activities requires effective time management. Create a flexible routine that caters to your baby’s needs while allocating specific time slots for your personal activities.

3. Can I prepare for returning to work during maternity leave?

Yes, maternity leave can be used to prepare for your transition back to work. This could involve staying updated with office developments, maintaining contact with colleagues, or even taking up an online course related to your field.


Understanding what to do on maternity leave can transform this period into an enriching journey of personal growth, self-care, and memorable moments with your baby. By planning ahead, maintaining a balanced routine, and making the most of this time, maternity leave can become a rewarding and fulfilling phase in your life. This guide aims to provide insights into maximizing maternity leave, helping expectant mothers make informed decisions and ensuring a beneficial and memorable maternity leave experience.

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