Descriptive Mother Teresa Paragraph In 100-120 Words For Kids

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Descriptive Paragraph About Mother Teresa for children

Mother Teresa was a nun who served the poorest. She was born in Albania and was later educated in Ireland. After completing her education, she decided to become a nun. The Vatican eventually allowed her to found her order, the Missionaries of Charity. The Order focused on helping the poorest of the poor, including the terminally ill, orphans, and refugees.

Mother Teresa’s goal was to help people who were living in the worst of conditions. She believed that she was doing God’s work by helping these people. She also felt it was important

to instill a sense of dignity in those who were often ignored or looked down on. In 1979, Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. She was beatified in 2003, which is the first step to holiness. Mother Teresa died in 1997, but her work is continued through the Missionaries of Charity.

Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910, in Skopje, then part of the Ottoman Empire and now the Republic of Macedonia. After graduating from a Catholic girls’ school in Skopje, she moved to Ireland to attend the convent of the Loreto Sisters in Rathfarnham, Dublin. There she took her religious vows and became Sister Teresa after St. Therese von Lisieux.

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In 1946, Sister Teresa traveled to Calcutta, India, where she began to work with the poorest of the poor who lived on the streets or lived in abject poverty. She founded the Missionaries of Charity there in 1950. The Order’s original mission was to care for people with leprosy, but it soon expanded to include people suffering from tuberculosis, AIDS, and other incurable diseases. Mother Teresa also opened homes for orphans and refugees. In 1979, Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The quote credits Mother Teresa with the work she did in the fight against poverty and need, which also pose a threat to peace. Mother Teresa traveled the world on behalf of her order and helped raise funds for her work. Her efforts have been recognized by Pope John Paul II, who canonized her during his visit to India in February 2003. After nearly 50 years of service at the head of her order, Mother Teresa died peacefully on September 5, 1997. She was buried by the government of India in gratitude for her contribution to the development of the country after independence from Great Britain in 1947.

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200 words Paragraph about Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa, also known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, was a Catholic nun who dedicated her life to helping the poor and sick. She was born on August 26, 1910, in Skopje, North Macedonia. Mother Teresa joined the Sisters of Loreto when she was 18 years old and came to India to teach at a school. After several years, she felt a calling to serve the poor and sick, and she left the convent to begin her mission.

In 1950, Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, India, to help the poor and those who were dying in the streets. She spent her life serving the poorest of the poor, providing them with food, shelter, and medical care. Mother Teresa believed that every human being deserves love and respect, regardless of their social status or religious beliefs.

She received many honors and awards for her selfless service, including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. Mother Teresa died on September 5, 1997, but her legacy lives on through the Missionaries of Charity, which has expanded to more than 130 countries around the world.


Mother Teresa’s life and work inspire people to help those in need and to promote kindness and compassion towards others. She is a symbol of hope and a shining example of how one person’s actions can make a significant difference in the world.