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Read below a short descriptive Paragraph about mother’s day. Students can learn the importance of mother’s day and ideas on how to celebrate mother’s day?.

Short And Long Paragraph On Mother’s Day In English For Children

Mothers deserve to be celebrated on this special day. Mother’s Day is a great way to show mom that you love her and appreciate what she did for all of us. It was started by Julia Ward Howe, an activist, and suffragist, who came up with the idea in 1870. She wanted a special day to talk about mothers and what they mean. Howe suggested celebrating this day towards the end of May, as it was a memorial day for the mother figures who died in the war for many years. Mother’s Day is now celebrated on different days in most countries, but always in May.

Paragraph about mother's day

why mothers day is celebrated?

However, she later admitted that she had thought about the idea while working on another project. At first, nobody cared what Howe wanted, and there weren’t many speeches she’d hoped for. Even fifty years after Howe’s proposal, only one state celebrated Mother’s Day. It took some time for people to recognize this day as a day to celebrate mothers. In 1907, the Socialist Party of America suggested that this would be a great day to honor all women. Since then it has been celebrated as an official holiday in many countries around the world – including the USA, Australia, Canada, and Cuba.

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The first Mother’s Day was held on May 10, 1908, and the United States made Mother’s Day a public holiday. Much has changed since 1908, but celebrating mothers is still one of the main aspects today. Nowadays people do many different things to honor their mothers on this special day – like cooking or baking for them, spending time with them or giving them presents – like a bouquet or a special box of chocolates.

In the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. The UK celebrates just like other places in the world – but they usually move that date to another day so it doesn’t happen on the same day as Mother Sunday. In some countries, such as Belgium and Australia, this special day is celebrated in spring – as it is a tradition to give away cloves on this day. Some people even celebrate both days!

In other countries, Labor Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May instead of Mother’s Day. In many countries, Mother’s Day is a great tradition and is even celebrated with carnations or red roses – sometimes called mother roses. These flowers represent love, respect for mother.