My Best Friend Paragraph For Children & Students

My Best Friend Paragraph | Friendship Paragraph For Students

A Best friend is a person whose company is enjoyable and makes life beautiful. Friendship is considered one of the most lasting and durable relationship of the world because a friend never hesitates to cheer the life of friend.

The following Paragraph on my best friend covers the following main points in all;

  • What is a friend
  • The importance of a best friend
  • The qualities of my best friend
  • Why is he my best friend
  • My best friend is my life, my world.

My Best Friend Paragraph |  Short & Long Descriptive Paragraph On My Best Friend

A friend can be a boy or a girl means there are boyfriends and girlfriends. In both forms friend is the most precious person in one’s life.

Short paragraph on my best friend

I have many friends, among them Hamad is my best friend. A true, sincere, loyal and faithful friend is the precious gift of God.

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Who is Best Friend?

Two friends are defined as a single soul dwelling in two bodies. He always forces me to lever myself up and excel in life.

Hamad whom I consider my best friend, he possess some qualities which are rarely found in my other friends. He is very polite, humble, kind, loving and caring.

I have been with him since last three years. He is my classmate, he is very hard working student and is very intelligent.

He often stand first in exams, he helps me to understand subjects that are taught to us. He always sits beside me on the same desk in class.

Qualities of My Best Friend

He is not only my classmate but also a neighbor. He lives at a short distance of my house. We both go to school together and return together. We play football at evening, he is very energetic and healthy.

Due to our friendship, our family has established good relationship with his family. He can come to my family and I can go to his family.

During exams I do group study with him, he explains me different topics and encourage me to learn more. He strongly believes that knowledge is power.

He always advise me to collect more and more knowledge because according to him knowledge is the only weapon which one can use to change the life.

I have learnt from him that one who doesn’t take interest in acquiring knowledge, he will not be able to enjoy the world fully. He is good at science and mathematics, he help me in all subjects.

Last year I took second position in class because of my best friend because he help me selflessly during exams. He is my best friend because he tries to bring out the best in me.

He is my best friend because he too consider me his best friend. He truly understands me and vice versa. He is not a fair-weather friend, he stand by me through thick and thin.

Specially he never leaves me at the time of difficulty. My problem becomes his problem and he tries to his utmost to solve my problems.

Though he belongs to a rich family, he never let me feel that he is rich and I am poor. He believes that there is no inferior and superior, inferiority and superiority are the mental tendencies of people.

He believes in equality and justice. He often reminds me that we are all equal in the eyes of God so we must help one another and live a peaceful life.

It is truly said that a true friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same. He is my world because he knows me well and loves me excessively.

An anonymous writer has beautifully wrote that “ A friend is one who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden”.

My best friend is my life because he has played a key role in my success. I owe many things to him, specially the knowledge that be used to share with me enabled me take position in class.

He motivated and impressed me to do more and to learn more. He is not my best friend only, he is my guide and leader.


I believe as long as my friend is with me I can conquer the impossible and can make wonders. He is my great asset. He is the road to future.

He is my best friend because he can’t see me in dark, he will always lead me to light. May God give long life to my friend.


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