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My Dream Destination Maldives Essay

For my birthday this year, my family said I could pick where we go on our trip. I want to visit the Maldives, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. In this essay, I will tell you about the Maldives and why it would be a super fun place to visit. I will talk about the pretty beaches, awesome activities, and how relaxing it seems. The Maldives looks like an amazing place that can be our next adventure!

My Dream Vacation: The Maldives

Crystal Clear Water

When I first saw photos of the Maldives, the ocean water amazed me. It is so blue and clear – way clearer than any water I’ve ever seen! (Topic sentence) You can snorkel and see many colorful fish by looking into the water. Swimming with tropical fish would be the coolest thing ever. I want to spot turtles and coral reefs without even using goggles! (Example) The ocean is supposed to be very peaceful, too. Floating on the surface would feel awesome.

Over-Water Bungalows

In the Maldives, some hotels have special bungalows right over the water. These bungalows are like little wooden houses, built on sticks out in the lagoon! (Topic sentence) Guests can look through the glass floors and watch fish lying in bed. At high tide, gentle waves even hit the floor. Falling asleep to the ocean sounds below would be so beautiful and magical. My sister says it’s like being a mermaid for a few nights! (Example) Staring at the fish from my bed would be way better than TV.

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Fun Activities

There is lots to do in the Maldives beyond enjoying the ocean views. Some activities I think would be really cool are snorkeling or scuba diving with whales and dolphins, sunset dinner cruises, visiting the capital city Male for sights like ancient mosques, and learning local skills like bamboo art (Topic sentence). Also, kids clubs teach beach volleyball, coconut crafts, and swimming with stingrays! With so much to explore on land and sea, my whole family could stay busy and have an amazing time in the Maldives.


In conclusion, the Maldives seems like an incredibly beautiful place that would be a dream vacation. Everything from crystal clear waters and colorful sea life to the interesting culture and adventure activities sounds awesome. I hope my parents agree that the Maldives would be a super fun place for our next family trip and create memories to last a lifetime! Please say we can go – I really, really want to visit.

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