My Dream Essay For Class 3 Students & Children

Everyone has something they dream significant about. Something they really want to do or become when they grow up. I have an apparent dream of what I want to be in the future. In this essay, I will share about my dream and how I plan to make it a reality one day.

Essay On My Dream

A Doctor in the Making

My dream is to become a famous doctor when I am all grown up. Ever since I was young, I have always been interested in learning how the human body works and helping people feel better when injured or sick. I think it would be so rewarding to cure illnesses and see smiles on patients’ faces, knowing I made a difference. Doctors are respected a lot in society for the important service they provide.

I love subjects like Science and Biology in school because I get to discover new things about anatomy and health. Our teacher often takes us to the hospital library, where I borrow books to learn on my own, too. At home, I set up my mini clinic with my stethoscope first aid kit and pretended to examine stuffed animals! My parents encouraged my interest and said that if I worked hard, this dream could come true one day.

The Long Road Ahead

I know becoming a doctor is not easy and will require many years of dedication and focus on my studies. After high school, I plan to get admitted to one of the best medical colleges for my bachelor’s in Medicine and Surgery degree. The courses will be challenging, with lots of big words to remember, but I am preparing myself to cope through effective learning techniques. Regular practice and clearing entrance exams will be crucial at that level.

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After completing my MBBS, I want to pursue a specialization in Cardiology, which is the study of heart diseases. Heart problems affect many lives, so I think it will be gratifying to specialize in that field. Specialist doctors have to go through intensive residency programs plus further certification courses. It will be a long 12-14-year journey from now, but I am ready to put in the patience and hard work required.

Making Efforts Today

To prepare for my future, I take my current studies very seriously, too. I always complete homework on time and work extra on areas I find difficult. I aim to score good grades and rise to top positions in class. Participating actively in school programs related to health awareness and basic first-aid training also helps gain related practical experience.


In my free time, I often accompany my aunt, who is a nurse, to learn procedures. I also help neighbors by learning correct first-aid for joint injuries. My parents have enrolled me in a summer program at a local hospital to observe different departments closely.

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