My Family Paragraph | Short & Long Paragraph About My Family

My Family is the most precious gift by God. It is believed that every individual is the reflection of family.

The most essential part of a being is the family. There is no substitute of family.

Read the following short and log paragraphs on topic my family for children & students. Following are the main points of paragraph on my family for students.

  • What is a family
  • The members of my family
  • Good values of my family
  • The goals of my family
  • The importance of my family

Paragraph on My Family


Paragraph On My Family | Importance Of Family Values, Goals, Quotes

A person without a family is incomplete and unhappy in life. Life becomes joyful and melodious when you have family.

One grows with immense care and love that increases social values and overall well being. My family is the abode of peace and happiness.

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We are eight family members. We are four brothers and two sisters along with father and mother.

I am elder son of my father along with more responsibilities.

My father is a doctor and he is very hard worker man. He is using all his efforts to cover all of our education expenses, family expenses and our personal expenses.

My mother is housewife and she took care of our home. We all grow under the supervision of our mother. She takes care of us and fulfills our needs.

I am business graduate and have a showroom business. My second brother is an engineering graduate student and currently doing masters.

My third brother is a law student and he has completed his second year. My fourth brother is o-levels student and two sisters are preparing for a medical test.

Why I love My Family?

Honesty is the best policy that’s what we always learn from my parents. My family is a lifeline to me, whatever situation I am facing my family always be there with me for my support.

My family always suggests taking a right and true path which is beneficial to life goals. My family has taught me to never deceive any one nor to treat anyone dishonestly.

My father keep telling us that dishonesty is the root cause of all social evils. One must be honest in his dealings.

The Family paragraphs for Children & Students

Apart form it I have been taught that truth is the only weapon which one can use to be successful in life. One must speak truth in every difficulty of life that is basic code of our family.

My parents always believe that be kind and show love to everyone, than there will be no hatred and fights in the world.

My father says helping others is a thing that everyone cannot afford this in this cruel world. Be helpful to others; if someone require our help and assistance we must stand first to help him or her because to bring happiness and smile on someone’s face is the greatest deed of charity.

Education is a value that has been passed from generation to generation in my family. Education is the best legacy one can give to a child.

This is in our habit to gain more knowledge even if you are master. There is no age of learning we always keep updating ourselves. My father always focuses on dressing of our family.

He always says that you are being judged by your dressing in society. Man is known by his character and dressing, so we keep ourselves neat and clean and behave very positively and humbly with everyone.

Values & Goals of life

Every family has its own goals. Reaching at life goals is our first priority in my family. Working hard and be honest with yourselves is rule of our family.

Giving education to everyone is a goal of my family that is ongoing from generations. Respect everyone and always be a helping hand to needy person.

Share love and care for each other is the one of the goals of my family. Life without goals become useless, a family where there are goals never faces bad times.

My family has these goals which each member of my family is required to obtain. One who ignores the goals of family is treated strictly because one who can break family laws can break the laws of society.

Importance of My Family

Family is said to be first school of a child. From here one start learns how to speak, walk and interact with the world.

I always learn to share your happiness and solve problems of others is one of the enhanced work one can do.

My mother always focuses on the growth of us, she always try to give lessons on the behavior, interaction with each other, how we should face difficulties and solve problems with patience.

Giving education is one of the basic priorities of my parents. They believe that this is the best heritage we can give to our child. They believe knowledge can solve every difficult solution of life.


In nut shell family is the backbone of an individual’s peace and prosperity. My family is the best family because I have been taught all moral values of life by my parents.

They keep sharing their experiences with us to make us good members of society. I owe everything to my family because I would not had been here without the support of my family. May God bestow long life to my parents.

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