About My Favorite Personality Paragraph In 120, 150, 200 Words

Read two brief paragraph on the topic My Favorite Personality Mother and father. These sample paragraph are very important for all class students.

Short Paragraph On My Favorite Personality My Mother for students

My favorite personality is my mom. My mother and I have a special bond that makes me admire her more than she knows. She was always there for me and I want to be there for her too. Let me tell you how much I love my mother by talking about some of the qualities she possesses, such as: generosity, ambition, and happiness.

Paragraph about my favorite personality my mother and father

My mother is generous because every morning when we wake up she prepares breakfast for us before we go to work in our pajamas so we don’t go hungry and get sick.

She is ambitious because after working all day in the office or wherever, she comes home and runs errands around town such as picking up our medicines at the pharmacy, grocery shopping, and buying clothes for herself.

My mom is also very happy because she is always smiling. Even in difficult or boring times, she still manages to smile because she knows that if she doesn’t think positively, nothing will ever get better.

In conclusion, I want to say that I appreciate everything my mother does for me and I love her as much as she loves me unconditionally. I hope that one day I can be just like her and give 100% of myself to someone who deserves it as much as my mother deserves every effort I can offer her.


My mother is the most important person in my life. I hope to one day repay her kindness by being as generous, ambitious and happy as she is every day in her life.

Paragraph About My  Favorite Personality My Father for children

My daddy is very caring and loving. He makes my mother very happy, which is his goal in life. He is also very patient with me when I make mistakes and tries to improve. If I don’t understand something, he’ll sit with me and go through the problem until I understand.

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My dad works really hard on his job because he says it would be great for all of our beautiful things like the house we live in, the food on the table, the clothes on the back, etc., would be great if he could take some time off could so he can rest.

I love it when my father gives us money, when we eat with him or go to the movies. It’s best if he let me spend his money on something I want, which he usually does.

My father takes care of my mother and my family. He works a lot to look after us and it’s great when he gives us or himself an occasional gift. Once, when we were all eating out at a fancy restaurant, my dad got a free dessert, so he gave it to me because I was his favorite child at the table.

On Father’s Day everyone in our church was making cards with pictures they’d drawn on them with crayons or felt tip pens, but during church when we were making the cards, some kids were making fun of my father and I was really pissed off for them berated like pencil-necked geek, skinny, etc. They also said it was heavy which made me feel guilty when it wasn’t my fault that it was tall.

I wish if people were mean to my dad or someone else I know is very nice they would stop because everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Also, when people do something wrong, they should be told in a nicer way rather than being yelled at so that their feelings are not hurt.


I’m glad I have a father and I want to give him something nice for his birthday next year. Sometimes we go on trips together like the Grand Canyon or Disneyland, but this time I want to plan something special because he did so much for me.