My Parents Paragraph In 100, 150 Words For Students

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Paragraph On My Parents For Kids Students

My parents are very educated. My mother graduate from nursing school and my father is a doctor in Vietnam before he and his family fled after the war. He has no education now, but he is constantly reading newspapers, magazines, books and learning languages ​​(he speaks Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese).

My parents give me every opportunity to become a successful person. They support my ideas and tell me that I can do anything if I try hard enough. My father always motivates me to study hard to get good grades in school. He tells me that if you don’t get good grades, you will not succeed. My parents are always ready to help me when I need them. They give me advice on everything in life. My parents are my inspiration and they make me better every day.

Role Of Parents In one’s Life

Having parents is a blessing from Allah (God). They take care of us, guide us and teach us the difference between right and wrong. So we should appreciate what they do for us. We should also respect our parents and love them as much as possible.

Here are some good qualities that make a good parent: First, parents should create safe and loving environments for their children. You should be someone your children can rely on in times of need or difficulty. Parents should also teach children right and wrong, guide them to pray to Allah (God), and encourage them to do good deeds. For example, it is important to be kind to other people. Parents too should be patient with their children and always ready to help them.

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In addition, some interesting facts show how important parents are to children: First, studies show that a child who has a good relationship with their parents tends to do better in school than those who do not have such a relationship. In addition, children with parents are less likely to use drugs, get into arguments, or become bullies. For example, they can learn that smoking is an unhealthy habit and not good for their health, which will help them live better lives. Finally, the fact that great parents improve the child’s communication skills and make them more responsible. Studies also show that children without parents do not have high self-esteem and are prone to developing emotional problems.


In conclusion, guardians are role model who play a huge role in shaping their children’s lives. Hence, they should strive to be perfect parents who will always help them and teach them the difference between right and wrong. Mothers and fathers should also create a safe and loving environment for their children. After all, it is important to be patient with them and to communicate with them constantly.