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My School Paragraph | My First Day At School Paragraph for Students

My school Paragraph short and long 100, 150 and 300 words Paragraphs for every class Students.

In addition here Students can learn Paragraph Writing in easy and professional English.

Short Paragraph About My School

For Class 1, 2, 3 and 4th Kids Students:

My school is near to my house. It is around 5 Km away from home. I usually go there by school bus in the early morning. I really love to my school.

Along with many other friends also accompany us to the school. My school is very close to my home. I wake up early in the morning and then I go to my school with great love and passion.

There are a many things that I learn at my school. There are a host of different things that I do daily in my school.

Short paragraph on my school

I study many subjects like Sanskrit, Hindi and English, Math ad Science. My school is very lovely and beautiful. There are lovely gardens in there.

The trees are hanging all the time with sweet garden at my school. In the time of spring season, the flowers bloom at my school. It gives very wonderful look to eyes,

My school has very wonderful and beautiful library that is filled with so many books out there. There is computer library at my school also.

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I really love my school and all that is there. It’s lush nice garden, spacious classrooms and wide beautiful building out there. I really enjoy it. I am proud of my school and in fact I really pray for my school.

I love my school and in fact I respect my school. I really miss my school when there is any holiday. I go to school with my friends and my elder brother.

Long Paragraph on My School

For 9th And 10th Class Students:

My school is situated one kilometer far from my home. I enjoy daily coming to my school class with my friend in school bus.

I love my school. It it the place where we always learn new things. All of the teachers take special care while teaching us new lessons. Our school principal advise to teacher to teach with love instead of punishment.

The teacher of our school are famous in teaching. They are well known to teach students with great manners. Our class teacher teaches us English with full interest and patience. He always try to help us diligent and conscientious with our school studies and outdoor activities.

I study at school all of the subject of my class like physics, maths, biology and history in different languages like English, Hindi and Sanskrit.

A class is a great deal of syllabus that a student is expected to cover during the year and finally in an academic session student prove himself achieved over all year skills by passing through final exam.

We participate in several activities at school. The aim if creating such opportunities for us, to teach students freedom of speech. Such activities are most enjoyable in various inter- school competition events. Music, dance and art are also some extra curricular activities. Such activities creat confident among student. The all of celebrating event seems full with such kinds of fun.

Sport is most interested hobby of every student. Our school has a sport coach who teach us different kinds of games like basket ball, foot ball, cricket and athletes. I am avid of football and the coach in kind to teach tricks.

Our school library is full with well stocked old and new books and latest publication. We can issue books against our names to study our favorite subject bond authors. I have many helping friends who helps me out of syllabus books.

1. My School Paragraph 100 Words For Class 3 Student

School is a gifted me by my Parents where I am learning the purpose of my life. It only can make me able to face upcoming hardships of life.

Besides study I participate in extra- curricular activities at school like games, music, dance, art, craft. Gaming is most preferred activity in our school. Our game coach also teach us different ways to exercise besides the study. I am a good player of foot ball recently our team won the semi final match held in a inter school gaming competition.

I found my school a heaven at earth where I study with best and peers friends.

2. Paragraph on My School 150 Words For 7 and 8th Class Students

My school bus away from my home and father drops me every morning. I always try to reach school before school time.

I always try my best to teach new things from our Teachers. My interest in learning different subject is equal but English is my favorite subject. Our Teachers teaches us in three different language English, Sanskrit and Hindi.

The outlook of my school is very beautiful. It looks more shiner at morning times when shadow shower trees of school, shakes with winds and make beautiful low sound. It looks like are wishing us greetings of the day.

I respect my all kind and carrying teachers who have to remain stand for hours in front of the class to teach us. They always struggle to make us responsible human.

3. My First Day At School Paragraph For Class 7 Student And less

I still remember that beautiful day when I went to school for the first time. I loved going to school. Seeing my elder brother and sisters going to school made me want to go to school .The first day at my school is a memory that is still fresh in my mind. I was so excited to go to school. I got up early in the morning. I got myself prepared. After taking breakfast I picked up my bag after breakfast which I had taken a few days ago.

At eight o’clock in the morning I got ready to go to school. With my father I started towards my new school . The teacher welcomed us there and took us to a classroom . I took my seat. She takes our attendance. After that she takes us to a school well decorated hall that was beautifully decorated with paintings and many others things. We had a break at eleven o’clock and we all have lunch. At twelve o’clock we will all have free. The classes were over. When I reached home , I was quite glad. I told my mother about my whole day activity and she was glad to hear that. I liked the school.

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