Short Essay And Paragraph On My Vision For India In 2047

My vision for India in 2047 Postcard writing, essays, and paragraph writing examples are provided here for all class students and children.

Students might need to write a postcard to the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi of our country, India.

Postcard Writing On My Vision For India In 2047 In English

A postcard is a card for sending messages or open letters without an envelope. Students can draw something on the card with their message.

1. My vision for India In 2047 Postcard in 50 words


Students Name: Raj Kuma

School: Brilliant school

Place: Bombay

Honorable Prime Minister

Narendra Modi

” My vision for India in 2047 is that our country should be peaceful. Terrorism, crime, and corruption-free country in 2047. All issues that our country is lacking today, like crime, poverty, corruption, and illiteracy, should be eradicated before 2047. In 2047, our country should serve as an example to the rest of the world.”

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My vision for India in 2047 postcard in ten lines

2. My vision for India in 2021 postcard writing in 100 words


Students Name: Mahesh Kumar

School: English School

Place: Haryana

To, Honorable Prime Minister

Narendra Modi

” My vision for India in 2047 is that our country should be rich and developed in the world in terms of science and technology. There should be the biggest universities in the world. Every man, woman, and child should be educated. Peace, prosperity, and justice should be available at the door of every citizen. Children and women walk freely in the streets. Our media should be independent and our army should be the most powerful and equipped in the world.”

My Vision For India In 2047 Postcard In 10 Lines

My 10 point about the vision of my country India is as under,

1. I would like to see India as a peaceful and developed country by 2047.

2. Our country should be a clean and tidy, pollution-free country before 2047.

3. My country, India, should be more green and shining.

4. We must make our country beautiful and a favorite country for tourists.

5. I would like to see my country, India, become rich, crime and corruption-free, so there should not be the concept of child labor.

6. Our country has been democratic since we got independence. The next 25 years are not far enough to celebrate 100 years of political independence.

7. Every girl child in India should be able to get a quality education at no cost.

8. We need to make India the world’s most engineered country.

9. Our country should have the most powerful defense system in 2047.

10. The roads and transport systems should be maintained as property to make India a progressive country.

It is not far.  After 25 years, in 2047, the age of our country, India, would be 100 years old. We will be celebrating 100 years of our independence and democracy in 2047. The upcoming 25 years are “Amrit Kaal” for our country, India.

It is the goal for all of us to work hard to make our country a stronger, more powerful, and richer country.BIn the next 25 years, it is totally on us to make India a progressing and developing country.

Here is my vision for my country India in 2047.

My Vision For India In 2047 Essay

The India of my vision in 2047 is one where everyone is highly educated. Our girls and women should be more educated and be able to walk and work freely across the country.

I have a vision for India in 2047. There should be no fear, no hunger, and everyone should be rich, healthy, educated, and responsible citizens. Peace and prosperity are remarkable, and both the rich and poor are treated equally in every walk of life.

The India of my vision is the most developed and progressing country in the world. It should have every kind of industry, so we never need to import foreign items.

In India, according to my vision, every city, big and small, should be clean and tidy, so that our country could be considered a pollution-free country.


All of our dreams for our country, India, are fantasies that can be realized through hard work and honesty. Every individual in the country should contribute their visions, thoughts, and reactions to make our country great before 2047.

Short  Paragraph On My Vision For India In 2047


In the year 2022, we will celebrate the 75th anniversary of our independence with a strong democratic system around the world. Our country, India, has transferred from a poor to a rich country because of democracy, peace, and prosperity.

Supporting Details:

India is a blessed and rich country in every aspect of its life: agriculture, business, and industries, along with the rich Indian culture.

After the next 75 years, we will celebrate our 100th year of independence. I would like to share my vision for India in 2047.

In 2047, we will celebrate our 100-year joyous independence journey with peace. There would be no crime, corruption, poverty, or injustice. Here, every rich or poor person will be equal in every aspect of life. Girls, children, and women will be highly educated and professional.

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Our country’s industry would be as strong as it could be. The biggest and most expensive machinery will be made in our country because we will have a huge number of qualified engineers.

The talent could be seen in every street in the country. Our country will host the Olympic Games.

We would have thousands of scientists and millions of professors, doctors, and teachers. The world would give examples of our country’s development. There would not be any bad concepts like child laboring. We would be believed to be the most peaceful country in the world.


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