My Worst Fear Essay & Paragraphs For Students

Everyone has something that scares them, and for me, what I am most afraid of are sharks. Ever since I went to the aquarium and saw a huge great white shark up close for the first time, I have been totally freaked out by them. In this essay, I am going to explain why sharks give me such a bad scare and how I am trying to face my fear.

My Biggest Fear In Life Essay Writing For Students

Why They Scare Me

There are a few main reasons why sharks make me so nervous. First of all, they look really scary with their big teeth and dark eyes. Their bodies are all muscly and fast in the water, which is just plain creepy. However, mostly, it is because sharks can be dangerous if they want. I know shark attacks are rare, but the things they bite with are called bites! Moreover, they swallow stuff whole, which gives me goosebumps. The idea of swimming where I cannot see underneath and not knowing what is below is beyond scary. Sharks feel prehistoric, too, like dinosaurs, except they are still alive. Eek!

Bad Dreams

Ever since seeing that shark up close, I have had some nightmares about them. In one dream, I was at the beach playing in small waves when suddenly I saw fins coming towards me really fast. The next thing I knew, I was surrounded by huge sharks snapping their teeth! I scream myself awake every time. I dread going to bed sometimes because I am worried I will have another nightmare. I even got myself a special stuffed animal that cuddles to help calm me down if I wake up upset.

Braving It

While sharks will always give me the creeps, I don’t want to let my fear control me. So, I have been trying to slowly get over it by facing my shark fear little by little. We went to a smaller aquarium just to look at sand sharks, which are smaller. I liked learning that most sharks prefer to leave humans alone. I also found some kid-friendly shark books that make them seem cooler, not just scary. My friend even has a toy shark that I have been trying to touch more each time. It still gives me goosebumps, but not as bad anymore. I may even go snorkeling someday!

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My Plan

In the future, when I am older, I want to join a swim team or scuba dive class. However, for now, baby steps are OK too. This summer, my family said we can go to the beach more so I can get comfortable in ocean water, even if I only wade in at first. Asking my parents lots of shark questions also makes me less afraid of the unknown. I know it will take time not to feel scared anymore, but I am proud of how much braver I have gotten already!


In conclusion, while sharks will probably always freak me out a tiny bit, I feel good that I am facing my fear head-on. It has not been easy, but I know being scared will not help me. I would rather learn more about sharks and understand them better than just imagine the worst. Hopefully, soon, this essay topic will be something in my past and not my present fear anymore!

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