Myself Paragraph | Short Essay & Paragraph About Myself

Myself paragraph and short Essay for children & students are written here for study and interview.

The Paragraphs on myself contains my life introduction, my life goals, values and lessons of life that I have experienced etc. These are quite helpful for children & students.

Paragraph On myself Paragraph

Humans are the best creation by god and every human is precious in this world.

About Myself Paragraph | Describing Essay & Paragraph On Myself For Study & Interview

Everything in the world is purposeful nothing is without purpose. Every living creature has some purpose in this world.

1. Brief 500+ Words Myself Paragraph For Students

I am a twenty years old girl and currently studying in university. I am the first born of my parents and we are four in number. My father is a doctor and my mother is a house wife. Whoever I am today is because of my family. My favorite subjects are English, Biology and arts. I have stable grade and get quite good grades in class. I am a keen reader of books and love to read books that refer to histories of countries. I have always been energetic and lively so I find no problem in making new friends. I try to learn a lot about people so in this way, I study their characters before I react. I know that I am not perfect and I never try to be but one thing is true that I am who I am.

1. My Achievements

Almost everyone has got that one sport which he is perfect at. The sports which I am good at is Cricket. I was the captain of my school’s team and pretty good at getting trophies for my school. I developed patience and self-confidence while playing sports. One of the important things that I have learned is that when you play in a group, you depend on each other for winning. I always motivate my friends and we make a pretty good team.
Besides sports, I am also an efficient student of my class. I have always scored well in my class. I always believe that there is no limit when it comes to gain knowledge so, apart from my course, I also read other informative books.

2. Things I Want To Learn:

I want to learn to cook a variety of foods. I have always been a foodie and love to eat good food. Therefore, I always help my mom in cooking. On weekends, I cook for my whole family. The happiness and satisfaction I get while cooking for my family is unlimited.
I also want to travel the whole world and learn about different cultures and traditions. I often read histories of other countries on internet. Therefore, I personally want to go and observe traditions of other countries.

3. My Role Model:

My mother is my role model. I have learned the value of time, hard work and dedication from her. She is always busy in doing house work yet she never complains. I have never seen anyone more patient than her in my life. She is a woman of her principles and always supports me in my life decisions. She taught me how to live with honesty and discipline in this practical life.

4. My Strength:

My family is my biggest strength. They always encourage and motivate me in every path of my life. Another thing is that I always learn from my mistakes and I think that mistakes are an opportunity to improvise. Whenever, I find any difficulty in life, I always approach my mom and dad for advice. They always give me the best advices. It is because of them that I am a dedicated and confident person today.

5. My Weakness:

I know that not everyone who shakes hand with you is your true friend and my biggest weakness is that I trust people instantly. Another weakness that I have is anger issues. However, I am trying hard to overcome my habit.

6. My Aim:

My aim in my life is that I want to become a doctor in Armed Forces and serve my nation. I always value hard work, dedication and sincerity. These values have been taught to me by my family and I strive hard to serve my community and country.

2. Long Essay About Myself For Students

1. Introduction

I being a human, am a kind, loving and caring human being. I belong to a middle class family. My family is the real essence of my life.

I owe everything to my family specially my parents and brothers and sisters who stood by me through thick and thin and supported me to achieve my goals.

My name is Suresh Singh. I am 25 years old. I have recently passed BBA from a recognized university.

2. Supporting Detail

My father is doctor who is very strict and always insist whole family members to take care of personal health.

He being a doctor advises us to be at home during lock down. As the infection of COVID-19 is spreading by leaps and bounds, many cases have appeared in our city.

He ask us to wash hands frequently and to wear face masks and to cough in sleeve. My father goes to hospital daily, when he returns from clinic he takes shower in Detol and apply hand sanitizer before touching anything.

I owe everything to my family because they didn’t only supported me but taught me values of life. I learnt the value of honesty, time, hard work, commitment and sincerity from my family.

I am the elder son to my parents, I have three younger brothers and two younger sisters. I love all my family members, they are all very near and dear to me. My parents ask me to do some of the outdoor chores of house.

I am answerable and accountable to my parents. I being elder one have to take care of my younger brothers and sisters and I have to do righteous deeds so that my brothers and sisters learn from me and follow me as I learnt and followed my parents.

My Family Paragraphs for Students

I have got degree in Business Studies, I wish to set up my own business to excel in life. All the life long my parents have helped me and supported me, now it’s my turn to do something incredible and support my family members.

I do play games in free time but due to lock-down and spread of epidemic Corona virus I hardly go out to play. Now I have made reading as my hobby. I do reading of different novels in leisure time.

I prefer reading history and books related to business and administration. I am a business student so I often read histories of all big business men throughout the world.

I try learn lesson how they succeeded in their business and reached milestone in their life. I always help inspire and motivate myself to follow their ways of success.

I like taking risk in life. My nature is entirely adventurous, I take risks and fear not the circumstances.

I love traveling and exploring the nature. I travel here and there to understand different ways and experiences of people to start my own business.

I do think and contemplate about my goals and plan different strategies to launch my business and start my career as a business man.

When I meet with my friends, I often inquire from them about business, they share their ideas I try to learn about business from my friends.

The father of one of my friend is a business man, I specially go and meet his father to learn something about business.

Not only from friends but from strange and unknown people I learn and increase my knowledge. I have learnt many skills and developed many innovative ideas from people.

My parents always advise me to speak truth, they ask me to never cheat or deceive anyone in life. They have always taught me to speak truth even if I get into trouble by spreading truth.

I myself dislike to tell lies because one who start telling lies can commit many other mistakes.

I have many goals and dreams in life. My most absorbing goal in life is to have my own business. As we know that life without a desired goal is useless.

When one set a goal in life, he or she start achieving goals, one plans how to reach at desired destination. One learns to make career planning by setting goal in life.

It is said that “Hard work always pays off”. So one must strive hard to achieve his or her desired goal. I also aim to create employment opportunities for many poor people.

When I will have my own business I will hire poor people. I will create job opportunities for poor so that they earn their livelihood.

I believe that I can only materialize my dreams when I will have support of my parents because they are the backbone of my goals.

Only my parents can do something impossible for me and can lead to my goal. I also believe that happiness lies in service of others. One can not enjoy true happiness without serving others.

I have learnt that to live happy I have to make others happy first. I try to bring smile on the faces of others because when I see someone smiling I smile too.

I being a human try to help my fellow men, I never hesitate to help my neighbors because it is their right to be helped my be first.

God loves those who love his creation. I love all people around. Even I fear to hurt animals because they too are the creation of God.

3. Conclusion

As man is always in the state of learning, I have learnt many lessons in life. Life is both a bed of thorns and bed of roses. I have experienced that time is the most precious thing in my life.

One who is truthful and honest never faces any difficulty in life. One who aim to achieve goals he should be honest in dealings.

I have learnt that determination, ambition, hard work and inspiration is the key to success in life.

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