Paragraph On My Aim In Life For Children And Students

An aim in life is a purpose that every person has in his life. It directs and motivates a person to achieve them.

Someone who is not goal oriented and does not have any aim cannot achieve any progress in life. He will trip in his way of life. Life without having any aim is useless and pointless. This life is a gift of God and one should not waste it in living a wandering and unsettled life.

Short & Long Paragraph About My Aim In Life For All Class Students

My aim in life paragraph

One should be cautious while choosing ambition for his life. Thee best aim is one in which one feels satisfied and happy that he is doing something right.

If someone is confused about his goals then he should seek guidance from elders, be open to feedback and then reset his aims.

Your aim might be a actor, singer or to be Teacher. Read following Paragraph on my aim in life to be a Doctor.

My Aim Of Life To Be A Doctor

Different people have different aims according to their perception about life. I also have an aim in my life. My aim is to become an efficient doctor because I consider it as the noblest of all professions.

I admire doctors because they give hopes to hopeless people. They make a bed ridden patient healthy and fit.

A doctor is someone who not only cures people by treatment but also, he brings hope to patients in times of difficulty. A doctor is always empathetic towards his patients and treats them with full devotion.

This profession has been very attractive to me since my childhood. For me, being a doctor appears to be the best way to serve my country.

I will study hard to qualify for my degree. I am already working hard to get good marks in class which will help me in getting admission in best medical university.

After that, I will travel to rural areas and my main motive will be to treat patients free of cost. For me, money is not important, the main thing that matters to me is the happiness I will feel after treating my patients successfully. I will not bring any bad name to this profession.

I always loved helping poor people since childhood and felt satisfied after helping them. I knew from the start that being a capable doctor is something I should go for.

I believe that I can bring a change in the lives of many people through my good deeds. I have a goal that one day I will open my own hospital which will be equipped with all the modern medical equipment and everyone will be treated free of cost.

No one will feel helpless in my hospital. I will happily devote my life to treat those people who are suffering from health problems and unable to carry out their activities of daily life easily.

I know it is a long journey but I have full faith that nothing is impossible if your intentions are clear and you are focused in your work.


Deciding an aim and then working hard to achieve it is very important for a successful life. We should be very careful while choosing our aim. Some goals are beneficial while some can mislead you.

A person might find some problems in achieving his reasonable aim but he should stay focused on his path and then the final destination will be worth the struggle. Indeed, with hardships come ease.