200 Words On Abortion With Introduction, Body And Conclusion

Abortion is controversial and divisive. There are reasonable arguments on both sides that deserve discussion. 200 words essay On Abortion Introduction Abortion presents a moral dilemma. It pits the rights of the unborn against women’s autonomy. There are valid views on both sides, making it a nuanced issue with no easy answers. Those against legal…

Short 150 To 500 Words Essay On Abortion In India

Abortion has been controversial in India for decades. On the one hand, India legalized abortion in 1971 to limit population growth and reduce unsafe practices. On the other hand, activists fight for women’s reproductive rights and access to safe procedures. India’s debate on abortion is complex. It is shaped by social, economic and religious factors….


What Is The Lucky Color To Wear For Exams

Many people believe that wearing yellow can bring good luck and positive energy during an exam. This is because the color yellow is associated with happiness, optimism, and positive feelings. Wearing yellow can make you feel more confident and optimistic, which can help you perform better during the exam. Yellow is also said to stimulate…