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Read below Christmas festival Paragraph in English for Students. Christmas festival celebrate on every 25 December of every year.

Short And Long Paragraph On Christmas Festival


Christmas is one of those festivals that is celebrated all over the world and attracts people of all faith towards it. The word Christmas means “Feast day of Christ” and this yearly celebration marks Jesus Christ’s birth. Jesus Christ was born to Virgin Mary. He fought against cruelty and helped those in need. He was crucified by the non-believers but even in his last days, he always gave the message of peace and love. So, on this day, people go to church and remember him by burning candles and praying.

Merry Christmas Paragraph

Therefore, people celebrate the birth of Christ on 25th December, the day he was born. People wait throughout the year for this occasion and they start celebrations months ago for this day. Last ten days of December are full of enthusiasm because a few days after Christmas, New Year also arrives.

Christmas Preparations

Christmas is celebrated with great joy. Great preparations are made for this day. The main celebration starts on night before the Christmas eve. All houses are deep cleaned and whitewashed. People decorate their houses with flowers and pictures. They decorate Christmas tree at their home or church with colorful balloons, lights, beautiful socks and many other decorative items. Gifts are placed under the tree and not allowed to open till Christmas’s eve.

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There is also a tradition that children sleep early that night in hope that Santa would come and place presents in their home. They also bake cookies and place them near their bed for Santa. On the night before Christmas, churches are decorated beautifully with Christmas stars and twinkling lights. Candles are also lit everywhere.

Celebrations Of Merry Christmas

On this beautiful day, people wear new clothes after which they visit church to offer prayers to Lord Jesus and seek his blessings. Songs and skits are performed in churches and then everyone sings Christmas carols. Then they come home to celebrate this day with their family or friends. There is a great get together on this event where people exchange gifts and prepare delicious food for their friends.

The main sweet on the eve of Christmas is cake. After the feast is served, everybody sings, dances and prays for the well-being of their family. Trees glimmer with lights and various ornaments. Joyful music is played so no one can resist the joyous essence of spirit of Christmas. Children also get to meet their favorite Santa who is dressed in red and white fluffy costume. Santa greets them with hugs and also gives them gifts for behaving good the whole year.


Christmas is the day that is celebrated by people of every religion. It gives us the meaning of family, brotherhood and love. It also teaches us the importance of giving and sharing. Festivals are the best way to stay united which is important for the development of a country. Christmas is all about sharing and loving each other. We should also celebrate this festival with Christians to spread the message of peace and love.

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