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Paragraph on Elephant Introduction: Among the animals living in the forest, the elephant is a powerful animal. Almighty Allah blessed him with many valuable characteristics. Elephant sees very beautiful in zoos and children’s become very happy to see them.

Writing a Paragraph about elephant

Short And Long Paragraph on Elephant

Elephant is a strong animal. It has four legs which takes after enormous column. The elephant is a giant mammal and is larger in size than other animals. The elephant is given a trunk instead of a nose, through which the elephant can lift heavy objects. The elephant lifts large tree trunks with its trunk. Elephants have a keen sense of smell. The elephant sniffs at other animals from afar. The average age of an elephant is seventy years, but some elephants live longer.

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Elephant skin is one inch thick. Elephants communicate with each other with their hooves and also warn each other of many dangers The world’s longest living elephant was spotted in Angola in 1956. Elephants have very large ears.

If the elephant feels threatened by the enemy, he straightens his trunk and informs the other companions of his herd. The ears of the elephant are very big, which helps to repel the flies and mosquitoes. Elephants have small eyes, but very sharp eyes However, their hearing ability is very weak. Their ability to see is sharp. The heaviest elephant was 24,000 pounds, 13 feet high. Elephants, like humans, prefer one elephant to another. Due to their large trunk, their ability to smell is very fast. They can lift very heavy objects through the trunk. Lifts large tree trunks.

Types of Elephant

Elephants are considered to be the largest and most powerful mammal in wildlife. There are three common types of elephants:

1. The African bush elephant

2. The Asian or Indian elephant.

A male elephant weighs about 12,000 kilograms, the front shoulder height is about 4.2 meters or 13.8 feet, one meter or 3 to 4 feet taller than an African elephant. They are very sensitive about their children. The birth weight of an elephant calf is 120 kg which increases to 12000 kg with age The rest of the species is said to have become extinct in the Ice Age about 10,000 years ago Mammoths are a well-known example.

Importance of Elephant

Elephants come in the group of most intelligent creature. They have strong feelings and emotions for their young ones and members of their family. Elephant skin is also thick. It is not affected by ordinary weapons, so elephant injuries are less. Elephants are found in large numbers in Africa. Kenya is called the land of elephants.

Elephant farming is common among the people of Burma. The elephant is very easy to tame, because it is an intelligent animal. In Burma, elephants are used as a tool for community work. Elephant bones are also used to make valuable and elegant items. Many species of elephants are slowly becoming extinct due to a little human greed. It is very important to protect this animal which is seen happily in zoos.

The elephant’s favourite food is sugarcane, but it also enjoys eating other fruits, vegetables and grasses. Elephants were also used as ride in the time of kings. Ivory tusks are sharp and sharp . Elephants cost millions, they are very expensive. A large number of tourists are fond of elephant rides. African elephants are mostly seen roaming in protected natural parks.


They found in the list of endangered species. The selfish humans activities have caused the elephant species in endanger. There are two main reasons for the decline in elephant numbers, one is poaching and the other is deforestation. But a new threat to Asian elephants is emerging with increasing demand for their skins because their skin is use for many purposes.

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