Paragraph On Folk Music In 150 Words For Class 8

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About Folk Music Paragraph Writing Example In English For Children And Students

What is folk music?

For many people, it is a type of music that is common and popular. That is not true. Folk music, sometimes referred to as traditional (or ethnic) music, has several main characteristics:

It comes from the common people in a country. It started in the past and has been passed on from generation to generation. It’s easy and not too difficult.

Folk music comes from common people like you and me, not professional musicians. It started in past historical times. Folk music is simple and easy to play or sing. It is and has been passed on from one generation to another.

The variety of singing was welcomed from all over the world. There are different types of music in different regions and cultures. This music is generally for entertainment purposes, but sometimes it is used to get a serious message across or to educate people. Folk music, for example, is a style that uses simple melodies to express human feelings and emotions relating to the culture to which it belongs. It is usually sung by individuals or groups of people, sometimes accompanied by musical instruments. Folk music has its roots in religion and traditions and is therefore inextricably linked with them.

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The origins of folk music can be traced back to prehistoric times when people communicated by singing, singing words, and sounds. This was achieved through sounds and movements of the mouth, tongue, and other parts of the body. Songs were then created to publicize important information related to people either as an expression or as communication. Folk music has been used for both entertainment and spiritual reasons such as the celebration of harvest time, victory in war, and other human emotions.

History has it that literature originated before the birth of Christ before people used music as a means of communication. Folk music is associated with literature because when it has no lyrics, words are derived from folk tales that are passed down from one generation to another. Its history can be traced back to Greek origins, and many scholars argue that its roots are from an ancient language called Evolian. This language was the mother of other sister languages ​​such as Latin and English, which were spoken by many people during this period.


Folk songs then became popular with the rise of Christianity and monasteries emerged. Monks and priests used music to create magic, and they promoted it as a way of worshiping God. It was also used to convey information across countries and continents, particularly by traveling musicians known as bards. They were the first to create music with lyrics that told stories of what had happened before or would happen in the future.