Paragraph On Good Manners | Short & Long Good Manners Paragraph

Paragraph On Good Manners In English For 3, 5, 7 and 10 class Students. You will find here 100 and 150 words Good Manners Paragraph for study and exercise.

Good manners Paragraph

Good Manners Paragraph For Children & Students

Read below simple and easy Paragraph on good manners.

A man is nothing without good manners. Good manners include those habits which make a person civilized, mature and sensible.

Manners teach a man how to behave and act in specific situations. They reflect the personality and strong background of a man. ‘

Good manners also mean showing respect and consideration for the feelings of others. He cares for happiness of others rather than his own.

Children should learn good manners since childhood and it is duty of parents to teach them the importance of good manners for a successful and respectful life.

Importance Of Good Manners

Now a days, good manners are especially important because our young generation has started losing them.

Young adults lack respect for their elders which clearly shows that good manners have been disappearing fast.

That is the reason why corruption, crime, bribery, and snatching have found their root in society. Our young generation has become arrogant and insolent because of lack of manners and they have lost their way.

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It is very important to have good manners in a society. They make a person civilized to live in society and maintain peaceful relations among people.

People who have good manners are liked more and they are treated with respect. A man who has bad manners is not liked by anyone. No one likes a mindless person and does not like to talk to him.

There are no institutes where one can learn manners. It is a self-learned process in which we get to learn slowly by observing others.

At first, we learn good manners from our parents because home is the first learning institution of every kid. As we grow up, we learn manners from people around us. If a child is taught manners from childhood then it would be easy for him to maintain his good behavior throughout his life.

Good Manners At School

1. Teachers are mentors of students so a child should always respect his teachers.

2. He should always greet them with respect.

3. He should always be punctual.

4. He should always help his fellow students without any expectation of reward.

Good Manners At Home

1. We should always respect our parents at home.

2. WE should always keep our heart clean and forgive others even if they do bad to us.

3. We should always speak truth.

4. It is important to maintain proper hygiene so one must wash hands before eating meal and take bath daily.

5. We should always take permission before using stuff of others.

6. If we have made some mistake then it is our duty to apologize.

7. When someone offers us something then it is our duty to always say “Thank you”.

8. Stand up when elders enter your room.

9. Open door for others.

10. We should not impose our ideas on other. It is important to respect other people’s views.



Good manners are very precious element of life and without them a person has no personality. They make a man useful member of society and bring grace to one’s life. It is important to understand that if we want to be respected then we must first learn to respect others.

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