Write A Paragraph On Happiness In Life For Students

Paragraph on happiness in easy English language for all class Students, I have written below. What real happiness means to us? It is totally depends upon us.

Introduction Of Happiness:

Happiness is a feeling or something that we can not describes in words it can only be felt. Happiness is a sign or identification of a happy and prosperous life.

Paragraph On Happiness of life

Read A Brief Beautiful Descriptive Paragraph On Happiness

Happiness is not a just word it is related to one’s whole life or feeling. It is difficult to describe happiness in words it can only be felt. Happiness is the name given to a feeling in which the states of contentment, consolation, love and happiness are revealed. There are many psychological, biological and religious definitions of happiness, but there is no universal standard or unit.

Happiness is a healthy emotion or feeling that is characterized by contentment and happiness. It is true that when we get what we crave or desire , we find happiness, but often it does not last long, just as health does not come only from good food, but from it there are other things that are needed. Just as eternal happiness is not found only in the fulfillment of desires or the accumulation of things. To achieve this, there are some other important steps that need to be taken.

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Principles of happiness

Naturally a human being is contrasting from other human beings. What makes us happy does not necessarily make others happy, but our desires and passions change with age. There is several principles that makes us happy in every circumstances, such as being satisfied with what we have, never jealous of others skills, display love for others, and not giving up in the face of adversity.

Happiness is not about wealth

Happiness is not related to money, wealth, worldly things. These things make a person happy for a while, but they do not last for the longest time.

Happiness comes from within us when we are happy and satisfied from within, we are really happy. If happiness is related to money or wealth or worldly things every rich person in the world is happy and satisfied but they are not happy in reality as much.

For many people, happiness is associated with money, riches, and worldly things, but it is not right. From money we can buy good food, luxurious house, beautiful dresses, healthy lifestyle and fulfil basic needs of life but money cannot buy your happiness. And if money can buy happiness then the rich people would be the happiest person on the earth.

Characters of a happy life

If we discuss about the attributes of a good and a happy life we can say that a happy man is contented with his life. A happy man will free himself from rumors and turn to his conscious when in doubt. He is free from all those things that hurts other and he enjoys life with a simple way of living .

Conclusion Lines

For many people, happiness is associated with money, riches, and worldly things, But it is not right. Every day we see people ,meet them and talk to them who show and pretended that they are very happy but in reality they are broken from inside and sad. We try our best to do some thing for these broken souls because by keeping others happy it makes us happy.

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