Short And Long Paragraph On Health Is Wealth For Student

Read here 100 To 300 words Paragraph on the topic health is wealth for 5 class to 12 class Students.

Health is a great blessing from God. We all are aware of this phrase that “It is health that is real wealth”. Good health is very important to live an efficient life and a healthy person is always free of illness.

Write A Paragraph On Health Is Wealth

Short paragraph on health is wealth

When a person eats healthy and takes all the essential nutrients, his immune system gets stronger and his risk of catching any disease is reduced.

A healthy life requires regular physical activity, a balanced diet and clean environment. A person with poor health will usually spend his time in hospitals.

He will always feel tired and not able to perform his duties efficiently. Modern life is very busy and almost everyone is busy in earning money without caring about health.

They forget to take care of themselves and end up getting illness. Therefore, money is not the real wealth but it is the health that counts for the people.

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Importance Of Health In Our Life

It is very important to keep our body healthy. One Who maintains good health can excel in life whereas an unhealthy person is always in a constant state of worry and he will lose motivation in life.

These type pf people suffer a range of health disorders like obesity, diabetes and other heart diseases. A healthy person can serve his nation and community more efficiently.

He will enjoy happiness in his life and establish loving relationships with people. Health is the best asset of man and if health is lost then everything is lost.

How To Maintain Good Health

A person cannot perform his activities of daily life efficiently if he is not in good health. Our good health depends on several factors like diet, exercise, water and our mental state.

Drinking plenty of water is very important for our body. It detoxifies wastes from body, regulates body temperature, maintains pH of body and improves digestion. It is also important to eat healthy food, the food enriched in minerals and vitamins. Junk food destroys our health and weakens our immune system.

Therefore, it is important to have fruits that are especially enriched in vitamin B and C. One should avoid any bad habit such as smoking or drinking because it increases the risk of heart diseases. Sleep plays a wide role in maintaining good health because it enables body to repair and get ready for another day.

One should set a timetable to balance his daily routine. We should get up early and go for a walk because morning fresh air is important to keep our lungs clean.

Improved physical health ensures improved mental health of a person. Therefore, it is important to make our lifestyle choices better to make healthy changes in our life.


A healthy life provides benefits in a variety of ways. A person sees a positive change in his life. Moreover, it also improves state of mind. A physically unfit person faces a lot of problems in his life. He is unable to focus in his professional and personal life.

Health is something that cannot be bought with money. So, it is important to maintain healthy lifestyle because it enables you to fight any bad circumstances or situations in life.

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