Paragraph On Internet | Advantage & Disadvantage Of Internet

Paragraph On Internet short and long 120 to 500 words Paragraph for Student. You can find advantage and disadvantage, uses and misuse Information about internet through this internet composition Paragraph.

Write A Paragraph On Internet Highlight Uses And Abuses Of Internet


We live in the age of internet which has made our life easier and convenient. Internet has emerged and developed itself into a window to the world in no time. Millions of people remain connected to it without any problem. It is easily accessible to anyone because it is an inexpensive tool which has brought us a lot of convenience. Now a days, it has become a necessity of modern life. Our computer can be a typist, play station, cinema or even a teacher because of internet.

Advantage of internet Paragraph

The most important part of internet is World Wide Web (www). It is a collection of millions of documents and now, computer is basically connected to World Wide Web to gain any technical information one needs. These documents can be in the form of books, magazines, movies and information of all kinds.

Impact Of Internet

This society has become stronger and powerful over with the invention of internet. Economy has greatly improved because all the trade and marketing is done through internet which allows broader markets to access goods. It also has improved management efficient, especially by enabling firms to manage their supply chains more effectively.

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Advantages Of Internet

1. Source Of Communication:

Internet has made our communication faster and easier. Internet enables a person to communicate with any person in any part of the world. This has made conferences and meetings easier.

E-mail is another source of communication that enables people to send and receive messages through internet. This has proven to be helpful in educational field, government, industry and homes to contact other at once.
The social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have improved our personal contact. These networks not only allow us to make new friends but also help us to stay connected with our old friends.

2. Source Of Information:

Internet can be used as a source to obtain any information. It is very helpful for everyone especially students. They can easily find their relevant study materials on internet. Moreover, they can increase their general knowledge because internet contains a vast information about any subject.

3. In Business:

With the use of internet, it is easy to reach a worldwide audience and grab the market place for more business.

4. Entertainment:

The internet has revolutionized the entertainment industry too. Instead of going out to watch movies, we can simply download movies from various websites. There are number of software that allows us to download our favorite videos and music. We can also shop online, all we have to do is find our desired product, pay online and then our product will be delivered to us in next few days. We can also play online games with our friends. Internet gaming is a huge business now and allow gamers to compete against each other.

Disadvantages Of Internet

1. Be Aware From Hacking:

Now a days, internet hackers are on the rise and they are causing damage in the world of business and communication. They hack all data from a person’s computer and misuse it.

2. Immoral Activities:

Another damage of internet is that it has provided easy access of pornography to children. Our young generation has lost its way due to these immoral activities. They become sexually addictive to these things and that is why there is an increase in prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases in children.

2. Effect On Health:

Too much use of internet can affect eyes of children. Now a days, children have become so much addictive to internet and their eyes are always glued on screens. This effects their mental and physical capabilities.



Internet has proven itself to be the most useful aid for mankind. It is a proof of man’s brilliance and innovative talent. Without any doubt, internet has added beauty and creativity to this world. Now it is up to us to make correct use of internet.

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