Paragraph On Junk Food And Fast Food For Students

If you want to write a paragraph on junk food or fast food, this post will provide 500+ words information on the topic junk or fast food in English.

Fast food or junk food means a restaurant meal that is ready and served immediately, such as burgers, pizza, fried chips, shawarma, sugary drinks , pastries, cakes, cookies, fried, grilled or boiled fast or junk food originated in US in 18th century and McDonald’s introduced as a fast food chain in 1940 and then KFC has been famous worldwide franchise was started providing fast food services in1952.

Paragraph about fast food advantage and disadvantage of junk food

Write A Short Paragraph On Junk Food | Effects Of Fast Food Paragraph

Fast food as a trend:

The trend of fast food and hosteling is increasing more than the traditional healthy foods. And now it has become a fashion and a lifestyle. In recent dynamic rapidly changing world, the demands of fast food has spreader across the world, specially in most developed European countries and United States.

It has become a favorite food, especially among young people. Nowadays, eating in restaurants has become fashionable. Young people not only enjoy fast food with their friends but also upload pictures on social media, Facebook, What’s App, Instagram and encourage other young people to eat fast food.

Giving treats to your friends or organize a birthday party, they prefer fast food and consider it a source of pride. The taste of fast food is unique to them.

Harmful effects of Junk And Fast Food

There is no doubt that Junk Food gives us pleasure and enjoyment but the use of fast junk food has harmful effects on the human body also, because fast food or junk food does not take care of balanced nutrients, fats, salts, spices, sugars and chemicals that are harmful to human health are added.

Therefore, according to scientific research, fast food or junk food is harmful to human health. They do not have adequate amount of calories and more calories lead to weight gain and bloating. Man does not remain dizzy, he becomes lethargic and lazy.

According to a study by King’s College London, bacteria found in the stomach that protect the human body from deadly diseases such as intestinal diseases, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, etc.

Numbers are eliminated from the stomach. Because of this, the human body is at risk of many dangerous human diseases and the number of such virus in the stomach is about three and a half thousand. Lack of basic nutrients in junk food also has harmful effects on blood cells, liver and stomach and causes heart diseases, obesity and many others.

Junk Food Cause Heart diseases

Junk foods increase excess fat that increases the risk of heart disease. Medical experts also say that eating junk food more than two or three times a week increases the risk of heart disease.

Fast Food Cause Obesity

Obesity is on the rise among young people, especially girls, due to the growing trend of fast food. Strictly control your eating habits if young people want to look smart. Avoid fast food. One should not compromise his health for a little rest and pleasure. Medical experts also recommend avoiding high-speed fast foods, as they have a high calorie content.

Conclusion Paragraph On Fast Food

Fast food made from substandard ingredients and unsuitable nutrients instead of home-made ginseng is by no means beneficial and healthy for human health. Nowadays , more people would rather purchase food than cook at home. We enjoy the delicious junk food sometimes but don’t enjoy it on daily basis.

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