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Libraries play a very important role in the promotion of knowledge. The Library is a house of wisdom a key and secret of success and a treasure- house that has no end knowledge. By regular study A man can know the causes of failure life and tips for improving future life.

Importance of library description Paragraph- top ten points and uses of library

Write A Paragraph On Library | Importance And Uses Of Library For Students And Children

A country having no rich and sound libraries can not make the required progress. The first library was established in the city of Egypt. A library is the heart and the soul of an educational institute.

It is a part of every school, college and university. Even every city has a public library.

Every school must have a standard library without which the school is like a writing oasis without spring, fence without water or a body without a soul.

It is a beautiful room which is decorated and well-furnished with all kinds of books. A library is a place where books are kept according to the different subject matters. Library is a source of knowledge and information.

One can find great information from library by reading various latest and old publications of books subject wise. It is a source of information where the books full of knowledge are stored. Some libraries are more pretty we can find collection of books, magazines, novels DVDs, newspapers and lots of interesting stuff.

In other words, the library is a river of information and knowledge. Books serve as a best friend to people of all ages. The books are only companions in man’s loneliness. library is a place where unlimited knowledge is just waiting to be found.

All library offers a valuable means of education knowledge and turns to promote love of literature. Poor people, especially poor students who can’t afford to buy books, can make good use of the library. They can issues books and gather knowledge . It is a place where unlimited knowledge is preserved. A good library makes the taste for reading widespread and universal.

My School library has a rich collection of books on almost every topic and subject of the world this library has been divided into different sections labelled according to the name of subjects like Urdu literature, English literature, Learning English grammars, novels, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, mathematics books, General knowledge, physical science, political, history books, poetry, reference books and dictionaries etc.

The books can be issued to the students. When we go to the library, we completely forget about our sorrows for a while and from there we bring new courage so that we can cope with the situation as best we can. Students get benefit from books by visiting the library.

They borrow books from the library and study. For this purpose, there is a regular register in the library. When a student needs a book, the librarian issued that book to student.

As we know that knowledge is a great power the library helps in developing the habit of reading among the youth and quenches their thirst for knowledge.

A library is a place vibrating with ideas. We must develop the habit to spend some time in library and enjoy the company of books.

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